Best Xbox Video Games in INDIA in 2022

Hey, tired of playing old games again and again and wanna play another exciting games? If yes, let me help you. Before going any further you would be happy to know about the Xbox had an event Xbox Showcase Extended. It was a collaboration with Bethesda launching a number of video games. Here is the list of top three best Xbox video games that an Xbox owner must own to get the most amazing experience –


1)Fall Guys-

FALL GUYS Xbox video game

Fall guys has finally launched on Xbox. Yes , you read right. Fall guys is coming for free for the first time with their first season FALL GUYS FREE FOR ALL on Xbox. It is a 60 player online battle royal game and in future it might be one of the best Xbox video games.


This game is played at a three dimensional playfield. Everyone competing to finish the race by qualifying into rounds. You can use buttons like jumping, climbing/grabbing and a stick for moving in directions (up, down, left and right). For Jumping you need to press A, for Climbing X and for movement and directions u can use the left stick.

Fall guys includes multiple levels and different play fields which will never make you bored of this game. Every level brings different level of competition as well as joy. Qualifying and winning game brings different type of adrenaline rush into your body and according to me you don’t want to miss this game and the joy. With amazing skins and gameplay you will enjoy playing this game. This game has a lot of different skins that you can buy online or by completing missions.

When this game was launched it became pretty famous and players all around the world played this game and I totally recommend you to play this game. You can play this game with friends and you don’t even need to worry about which platform your friend is playing , this game is cross platform .

And the most important and amazing part is you don’t require Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass. You can just play it for free once its available for the first season and for other seasons you just need to buy it for once. ENJOY.


The first season for this game is free but for further season you have to buy this game. It is the cheapest of almost the all top trending video games. It will only cost you Rs.529 only. In Fall Guys one season is about 2 to 4 months.


RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Xbox video game

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 a game presented by the creators of a well known epic game GTA5. Yes,  it rights the creators of this game are none other than ROCKSTAR GAMES published in 2018 and still it brings the craze and excitement whenever played. One of the most trending game in 2022.


This game is an open world game and you can play it in story mode as well as in online mode with different players around the world. This is the third sequel of RED DEAD series. You can play this game on first person mode as well as third person mode.

This story starts in the year 1899 and then follows up. A gangster named Arthur Morgan Outlaw , a member of Van der Linde gang. You have to complete missions and side missions to continue the story fictionalized in Western and Southern United States.

 An exciting game giving you the experience of ancient time like riding and shooting on horse , with various side activities like shooting , fishing , hunting and many more. If you ever have tried an open world game or not it doesn’t matter this game is going to give a whole new experience.


In my opinion , you should definitely try out this game. You can buy this directly from Xbox store or online CD at cost of RS.2400 only. For online version you need to have Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold subscription.


HALO INFINTE Xbox video game

At 3rd place in our list we have game none other than newly launched HALO Infinite. Halo is one of the best and most amazing Xbox original game.

You can play this game on story mode which means you don’t even require Xbox game pass or Xbox Live Gold. Also, this game is available in online multiplayer you can play with friends but you need Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold for playing online.


This game is first person shooter game. You can play this game online as well as offline. This game is developed by 343 INDUSTRIES and published by Xbox Game Studios. This is the Sixth sequel of HALO series.

This Xbox game received a great ratings from critics. With the launch of new part the graphics, gameplay, open world design, visuals are improved giving a thrilling experience.

This game has been nominated for various awards at several award functions and have won too. Which makes us to definitely recommend you this game to play.


You should definitely checkout this game . It just cost Rs.3999 only at the Microsoft store.

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