Best Video Gaming Consoles under 35000

Looking for the best affordable video gaming consoles that will give you one of the best experience and are still affordable for you?

If yes, then you are on the right page.

In this latest technology with the latest generation tech consoles we have the least for the best video gaming consoles that cost less than 35000 and are the most affordable consoles.

Let’s get started –

1) Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S video gaming console

Price- Rs.34,990 only

In our list at top we have Microsoft’s Xbox Series S. This next generation console is having the largest digital library and yet is the smallest Xbox ever made. This console is designed to provide faster load times, better visuals and an absolute nerve wrecking experience of this digital gaming world.  

Why should you choose Xbox Series S ?

Game for Xbox Series S are designed specially to reduce the load times and provide stunning visuals at up to 120fps. Again, it has one of the largest digital library. This console will definitely sets in your budget and it is the best choice for the most affordable and best video gaming consoles.

You can buy Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold membership to bet the most out of it. And it is specially recommended to buy Xbox Game Pass because it will provide most of the games for free. Xbox game pass is cheap and will only cost you Rs.50 for first three months.

Xbox Series S contain separate port for increasing storage which you can buy separately.


Most Affordable

Largest Digital Library

Requires Less Storage Area

Backward compatibility with thousands of games


Doesn’t support Blue-Ray Disk


i)Xbox Series S Controller

Xbox Series S video gaming controller

Xbox Series S with being the most affordable console provides the most comfortable controller that gives a great grip. In addition, your hands set on that controller easily.

ii)Storage Expansion Hard Drives

These drives come in three different storage amounts i.e. 512GB, 1TB and 2TB.

You can buy this separately from the store or online.

iii)Xbox Headset

Xbox’s Head set also come in two parts one is Xbox Stereo Headset and another is Xbox Wireless Headset. It provides great sound quality and a great experience.

2) Nintendo Switch Oled

Nintendo switch Oled video gaming console

Price- Rs.32,990 only

Nintendo Switch Oled is a true example of next gen consoles. And has one quality that takes it a step ahead from Xbox and PS i.e. you can play it on hands free mode and on your TV as well.

Why should you buy Nintendo Switch Oled Model?

This console is highly portable and you can take it on trips. Also, it has a battery life of 9 hours. It also provides the cheapest online subscription i.e. 3 Month – Rs.540 ; 12 Months – Rs.1520.


Highly Portable

One and only Hybrid console


Low resolutions

Storage is limited



Nintendo with their Nintendo Switch Pro Controller provides a great grip that sets on your hands easily.


With this adapter you can play four game cube controllers at a time.


 A charging station for the controller , simply attaching the charging station with the controller.

3) Play Station 4

Play Station 4 video gaming console

PS4 is a slim console that comes in 500GB or 1TB. It delivers awesome and incredible gaming power with entertainment and vibrant HDR technology.

Price – Rs.26,990

You all might be thinking that it is cheaper than Xbox Series S. Yes, it is but India do not have the proper BIS electronic certifications which means if it breaks or any other issue occurred it is difficult to repair it. But overall this console is great if you managed to use it properly.

PS4 is similar like Xbox Series S it also doesn’t support Blue-Ray Disc but also has a great digital library with its own exquisite games like Spiderman that is only available for PS.

Why should you choose PS4?

PS4 is a great console providing one of the best video gaming experience. You doesn’t require large area to place it. Also support one of the greatest games and almost all PS Original games.


Great Digital Library

Support almost all PS exquisite games

Supports VR


Less resolution compared to PS4 Pro.

Doesn’t support Blue-Ray Disc


i)PS4 Controller

PS4 controller

Ps 4 controller is a great controller, highly adaptable, easy to use and provides a great comfort to your hands and gives an amazing gameplay .


Yes, PS4 supports VR and buy buying this get ready to enter Virtual Reality Gaming.

iii)Wireless Headset

Play Station has its own wireless headset proving a great sound quality.

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