Dry cleaning is a popular service for cleaning delicate and expensive garments, especially popular in Chandigarh due to the busy lifestyle that people are currently living. While there are several advantages of it, it can also be difficult to trust your expensive clothes to someone.

We understand that you might be confused about which particular Dry Cleaners to choose in Chandigarh, considering the number of Dry Cleaners present. don’t worry, because we are here to help you out with your search for the best dry cleaners in your own city, Chandigarh.

5 Best Dry Cleaners In Chandigarh

1 Vastram dry Cleaners

vastram dry cleaners (5 best dry cleaners in Chandigarh)

known for its exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, Vastram Dry Cleaners has refined it’s skills to provide top-notch dry cleaning services. By providing free pickup and delivery services, they make it easy for their customers to have a seamless and hassle free experience.

With over 22 years of expertise in laundry services, they have just entered the dry cleaning market and have already received incredible feedback from their customers, outperforming many other firms.

They also offer a wide range of specialized cleaning services, including laundry cleaning, dry cleaning, organic dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, bag cleaning, and sofa/carpet cleaning

  • location: booth no. 131, near Uttam Bakery, 46B, sector 46 Chandigarh
  • Operational time: (Mon-sun) 11:00-8:30
  • contact information: +91 97799 09469

2 Dhobilite Laundry

DhobiLite is a premier online dry cleaning and laundry service created by a group of IIT alumni with the goal of pioneering laundry services in India. They also offer specialized services like shoe cleaning, bag cleaning, and sofa/carpet cleaning

They have a reputation for their dedication to quality, using premium chemicals and cleaning techniques to guarantee that delicate textiles are properly and damage-free cleaned

  • Contact information: +91 88004 14848
  • Operational time: (Mon-Sun) 9:00-10:00

3 blue box dry cleaners

Chandigarh’s Blue Box Dry Cleaners is a reputable dry cleaner with history dating back over 55 years.The business has a fantastic idea for cleaning garments, employing pure and top-notch methods to give their clients outstanding outcomes.

They are one of the leading dry cleaning businesses in Chandigarh, offering a range of services including dry cleaning, laundry, sofa and carpet cleaning, and more.

They stand out as a premier dry cleaning service in Chandigarh, with a long history, high customer ratings, and a commitment to providing top-quality cleaning services to its clients.

  • location: SCO- 6 (2 bay near sector 19/27 light point), sector 27D, Chandigarh

4 Snow View dry cleaners

Snow View Dry Cleaners are said to be one of the best dry cleaners in Tricity, with customers praising the quality of service and competitive pricing. The business is a verified supplier on India MART and has received a 5-star rating.

They provide steam pressing, dry cleaning, and laundry services for a range of clothing items, such as men’s and women’s sherwanis and blazers, as well as ladies’ lehengas and sarees.

Snow View Dry Cleaners appears to be a reputable and reliable dry cleaning service in Chandigarh, known for its quality work, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service

  • location: SCO-2461, sector 22C, sector 22 Chandigarh

5 Kailash Dyers and Dry Cleaners

Kailash Dyers and Dry Cleaners is a well-known dry cleaning service in Chandigarh, offering a range of services to cater to the dry cleaning needs of the local community. They were established in the year 1972, and it have been serving the community with a good reputation ever since.

One major thing they promise is that you may leave your delicate apparel in their capable hands. Thus, pay a blind eye when you contact this Chandigarh dry cleaning for those pricey stained things.

  • Location: Booth No. 48, Sector 8 B, Chandigarh

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