Best hair straightener: Spending your allowances on hair straighteners can be a real gamble as recent technology provides you with a wide range of features, leaving us in a hard spot to pick out the best products to pamper our hair.
Make sure to check out our 5 best recommendations for the best hair straightener to give your hair the luxurious looks it deserves.
Be ready to be the talk of the town after transforming your hair with our top 5 best hair straightener brand recommendations to give your hair a smooth and shiny look with minimal damage.

List of 5 best hair straightener in India

1 Vega 3-in-1 hair styler

Vega (Best Hair Straightener)

Vega 3 in 1 hair styler is a versatile hair styling appliance incorporating all 3 uses that is, hair straightening to get a sleek look, hair curling to attain gorgeous looking curls on the go and crimping plates to achieve gorgeous wave patterns.

In addition to that, it’s suitable for all hair types, making it one of the best hair straightener on the market at an affordable price.


  • Brand: Vega
  • 2 years warranty
  • Ceramic plating
  • Max temperature: 210-degree Celsius


  • suitable for all hair types
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Appropriate time of warranty provided
  • Clamp design to offer stunning curl


  • Won’t give results as a professional styler
  • Heavier as compared to other straighteners
  • Non-travel friendly

2 Ikonic S3+ hair straightener| emerald collection:

Ikonic S3+

The Ikonic hair straightener would be an amazing option for your hair thanks to its remarkable salon-like results. Its ceramic coated plates distribute heat evenly, which in turn prevents in hair damage and provides with smooth and frizz-free hair.
It also incorporates the negative ion technology, which helps in removing static charges (main reason for frizz), resulting in a glossy finish. The heat temperature goes as high as 235 degrees, making it suitable for all hair types


  • Brand: Ikonic professional
  • 1-year warranty
  • Ceramic plating
  • Max temperature: 235 degrees
  • Negative ion technology


  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Slim plates provide ease for short hair and bangs
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Ionic technology
  • Floating plates guarantee even heat dispersion


  • Availability would be low as it’s a limited edition

3 Philips BHS393/40 Straightener

Philips (Best Hair Straightener)

The BHS393/40 Philips hair straightener is set apart from competition with any straighteners due to its silk protect technology, that provides the option to minimise temperature, inducing minimal damage to the hair. It also helps reduce frizz, resulting in smooth finishes.

The long plate in the straightener helps fasten the hair straightening process and provides you with stunning results. The titanium infused ceramic plates slides through your hair, providing quick heat transfer and protecting your hair from heat damage.


  • Brand: Philips
  • Titanium-infused ceramic plates
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2 professional temperature settings


  • Travel friendly
  • Swivel cord of 1.6 meters
  • Appropriate time of warranty
  • Long plates for faster straightening process
  • Lightweight


  • It takes more time for thick hair
  • May not give long lasting results
  • programmed high heat setting of up to 230°C.

4 VEGA Mini Cordless Hair Straightener


When looking for a quick go to cure for their hair, people with hectic schedules could opt to choose the VEGA Mini Cordless Hair Straightener. the cordless capability of the straightener offers hassle-free style while you’re on the run.
All hair types can be gently and successfully straightened, thus making it suitable for all hair types. with the PTC ceramic-coated plates, and efficiency is further increased by the three heat temperature settings (160°C, 180°C, and 200°C).


  • Brand: vega
  • ceramic coated floating plates
  • max temperature: 200 degree Celsius


  • travel friendly
  • even heat distribution
  • lightweight
  • provides with a power bank system for quick charging of your devices
  • cordless


  • Battery life is pretty short
  • results may not last that long

5 IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Hair Straightener


The pro Titanium shine Ikonic hair Straightener is made with a floating plate that gives results that are glossy, smooth, and long-lasting thanks to the titanium heat technology. Made to adjust to any hair texture and with digital temperature control heating that goes up to 235 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to the adjustable floating plates that make it convenient for effortless and smooth gliding. Also to remember that even though this straightener is promising and popular, not all hair types benefit from it.


  • Brand: Ikonic
  • adjustable floating plates
  • max temperature: 235 degrees
  • warranty: up to 1 year


  • digital temperature control
  • heat resistant pouch
  • auto adjustable floating plates
  • fast heating with instant recovery
  • enables the device to power off when overheating


  • It is not lightweight, thus making it non travel friendly
  • may not suit all hair types
  • may end up drying the hair

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