Why is my hp printer offline | How should I fix it

First of all, you should not worry at all. This is the most frequently occurring issue ‘why is my hp printer offline’ and how should I fix it?

One of the key components for the functionality of any printer is its settings and drivers. Firstly, you should make sure that your printer is on its default settings. Secondly, that you have installed a genuine copy of the drivers in your computer. Still facing an issue that your Hp printer is offline then you are at the right place & towards its solution.

Why is my hp printer offline

Thus, keeping in mind the same scenario and a probable cause of the problem. Here we have covered its troubleshooting steps for a quick and easy fix.

Hp Printer Showing Offline Status?

This error indicates you are unable to print anything until the status of Hp printer is changed from offline to online. Here are some solutions that you can give it try to troubleshoot when the hp printer says offline

  • Power cycle your devices. First, turn off your computer and your printer then remove the power cords or cable from the hp printer. After switching it off wait for 10 seconds then connect the cord to the printer & turn it back on.
  • It may vary on how your hp printer is connected to the computer or laptop. If you use the USB Cord to connect your printer, Ensure that it is safely intact in the right place. We suggest considering changing the USB port If the issue is not resolved.

This is a very basic and the most common step that every printer user should perform. In about 95% of the scenarios, the issue is resolved completely.

Why Is My Hp Printer Offline, But Connected To Wi-Fi

In this segment, we are sharing important steps to resolve the ‘hp printer offline fix’ while it’s connected to Wi-Fi. Here are some important and useful tips that you should consider while troubleshooting.

  • Are your computer and printer connected to the same wireless network?
  • If you already have that intact, Open>Start Menu, by clicking on the windows icon on your computer. Then click on >control panel and then click on >Device and printers. This will show the list of currently set-up printers.
  • Once you reached there, double-click on the printer icon that you want to change to online. A window will pop up which will display all current print jobs.
  • The in the same pop-up window go to (Printer) in the menu bar and uncheck or untick ‘Use printer offline’. This action will change the hp printer’s offline status to online.

This is a very simple yet effective method for changing your printer status from offline to online. Hopefully, it resolves your query ‘why is my printer offline hp’.


For any further information, you can visit the HP Printer official site or contact us.

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