Buy 9 best long lasting perfume in india: Our fragrance is the first impression where we entered and leaves the fragrance. we must always use to make our day perfect. A good fragrance is always the impression of our personality. To give and keeps us a pleasant and self confidence.

1 Bella vita Long Lasting Perfume For Women

Exotic sparkle there are so many perfumes for women but the bella vita is one of the best and long lasting perfumes. It smells very long and have fruity fragrance is so nice and gives a positive vibes. Choose a wide range of bella vita perfume it is luxury to your fragrance collection.

Special Features

  • Long lasting
  • Cruelty free
  • Fruity fragrance

2 Passport Long Lasting Perfume

Passport perfume is very old and famous perfume it smells light but have long lasting fragrance . where we entered its fragrance leaves the smell. It is unisex perfume. Not so strong but keeps fresh.

Special Features

  • Keeps your body fresh
  • Leaves a long lasting fragrance

3 Sectret temtation Long Lasting Perfume

A perfume which contains the freshness of peach, orange, roses sandalwood and apple which amber fuse and add extra pep into your step and leaves the fragrance where you go. Girls who loves perfumes must try this it has a awesome range of fragrances.

Special features

  • Fruity Fragrance
  • Leaves smells where you entered
  • Floral fragrance

4 Engage Long Lasting Perfume

Engage perfume is one of the most branded perfume it has a very long lasting fragrance. It smells mist floral and citrus. Perfect gift for women wherever she goes leaves a lasting fragrance.

Special Features

  • Keeps Fresh full day
  • Spray around your neck along the collarbones and
  • Do not rub it

5 Fogg Long Lasting Perfume

Fogg perfume has a wide alluring range for women. It has a unique and refreshing fragrance which crafted the moderns queens. Fogg fragrance stays for a very long time that keeps you fresh and clean. Use it everyday to make your day perfect and fresh.

Special features

  • Long lasting
  • Floral fragrance
  • Perfect for your personality

6 Envy Long Lasting Pefume

One of the richest and best long lasting mist floral perfume which keeps your self confidence. Well being by improving mood and stress. It helps to lift your spirts it will make you smell pretty good. Perfume is the identity of person and makes you attractive.

Special Features

  • Smells light but long lasting
  • Not so strong
  • Keeps fresh from morning to evening.

7 Ombre Nomade Long Lasting Perfume

Most top of the brand the ombre nomade perfume has a very long lasting fragrance. It was launched in 2018 and have a woody fragrance which is new in fragrances. It is highest selling perfume. Ombre nomade concentrate the oud wood which gives a refreshing fragrance to us.

Special features

  • Long lasting
  • Woody fragrance
  • Fragrance leaves for one or more days

8 Denver Long Lasting Perfume

It is the aromatic fresh green notes blends with richness of spicy floral where the search of fragrance ends and gives you a woody smells to leaving you a fantastic day. It is voted as highest selling brand perfume.

Special features

  • Has a very long lasting fragrance
  • Keeps you fresh
  • Make your day perfect

9 Orchid Long Lasting Perfume

This fragrance has a natures fragrances which keeps us fresh and refresh the day. It is romantic and sweet. Smells for where we entered and leaves the fragrance for some time when leave from there.

Special features

  • Smells light but lasting
  • Not so costly
  • Have a sweet fragrance

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