Jute is a long and soft, shiny bast fiber that is woven into a rug. The material is a natural, vegetable fiber made from jute grass. A rug that would be woven using this jute yarn will be a Jute rug. Jute carpets are very cheap to produce, and its production levels are similar to that of cotton

Advantages of jute include it is good insulating material and antistatic properties. However, its disadvantages is poor crease resistance, fire shredding and yellowing under sunlight.

Jute carpets are easy to clean and it typically require just a standard vacuuming. If you have heavier stains, a you might use a 50/50 water and white vinegar mixture, or diluted laundry soap and a clean, damp rag. Its important to dry cleaned areas quickly, to avoid water stains and residual discoloration.

Types of Jute carpet

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