Jute is a biodegradable plant-based fiber. It is reusable and Eco friendly, and acts as a perfect substitute for the environmentally harmful products like Plastic. Some premium selling jute bags are

  1. Jute Bags
  2. Jute Basket
  3. Jute lamp shade
  4. Jute mobile holder
  5. Canvas
  6. Sack

Apart from Jute Bags, it is possible to manufacturing other Jute products according to the requirements of the clients. The other Jute products manufactured include Jute net fabric, Jute printed fabric, Printed cushion

covers, Window curtains, Jute baskets, Table Runners, Door curtains, Decorative fringes, Wall hangings, etc.

List of 8 best jute products in india

Some of the basic Jute product fabrics produced in jute mills in India are classified as the following:

  1. Hessian Cloth
  2. Sacking Cloth
  3. Jute Yarn and Twines
  4. D. W. Tarpaulin
  5. Canvas
  6. Bags
  7. Hydrocarbon Free Jute Cloth
  8. Geotextiles
Jute Products

1. Hessian Cloth

Hessian cloth is quite finer quality its plain-woven fabric of 5 to 12 ozs, a yard. It is also called Burlap. Hessian cloth is used for a wide range of applications and is exported all over the world in cloth form and in the form of bags. Jute Bags are used to store and pack varieties of goods and commodities such as, potato, pulses grain,onion, sugar and tobacco. These bags have capacity for packing goods up to 60 kg. of weight.

Hessian cloth

2. Sacking Cloth

Sacking cloth also called heavy goods is made from lower grades of jute fibers. Sack cloth is a heavy and loosely woven cloth in plain or twill weave, It may weigh from 15-20 ounce per yard of different widths. Sacking cloth is generally used for jute bags to pack food grains, sugar and Cement etc . Its weight range may vary from 50 to 100 kg

Sack cloth

3.Jute Yarn and Twines

Jute Yarn manufactured is consumed by jute mills in fabric and twine manufacture. Fine Yarn is exclusively manufactured for export purpose and it is utilised for making jute blended fabrics, diversified decorate wall covering and jute goods ropes .
Jute Twine is is extensively used in India and abroad for sewing, tying and other industrial applications.

Jute Yarn

4.D.W. Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin are generally used for coverings on a multi dimensional scale.


Canvas is the a strong, coarse unbleached cloth made from hemp, closely woven with best grades of fibre. Canvas can become water resistant or even waterproof By blending cotton with synthetic fibers, making it a great outdoor fabric. Canvas is also extremely durable plain-woven fabric and is used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, shelters, as a support for oil painting and for other items for which sturdiness is required, as well as in such fashion objects as handbags, shoes and electronic device cases.

6.Jute Bags

Shopping Bags are made from hessian or sacking cloth It has handles, straps, chains in different shapes and dimensions. It’s the most widely used jute product and some times also used for marketing. It is bleached and decorated with different artistic designs. It is also used as Promotional bags or sample bags used to promote items for sale. Polylamined bags are actually hessian or sacking bags with a coated polythene film.

Jute Bag

7.Hydrocarbon free Jute Cloth

Hydrocarbon free jute cloth is a hessian fabric and free from the presence of hydrocarbon. Its made by treating jute with vegetable oil. These bags are extensively used for packing coffee, cocoa, peanut beans or other food material. The bags are also free from any kerosene smell.

Jute Products   

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