6 Best High Speed Table Fan In India 2022

Summer can be tough in blistering heat. Don’t worry we have the exact solution to make you cool and to change your perspective about table fan if you had any. The article profoundly covers some of the best high speed table fan in the market, which will help you chill all summer so that you never fail to make the right decision during selection of table fans.

List Of Top 6 Best High Speed Table Fan

  1. Usha Mist Air ICY 400 mm Table Fan
  2. Havells Swing LX 400mm Table Fan
  3. Bajaj Midea BT 07 400mm Table Fan
  4. Crompton High Flo Neo High Speed 400 mm (16 inches) 50W Oscillating Pedestal Table Fan
  5. Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan
  6. Enamic UK model black C-24

1.Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan

Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan

Usha is one of the go-to brands when it comes to high speed table fan in electronics serving us since 1934, thanks for its superior built and aerodynamic blades which come with 100% copper motor, it is one of the best performing table fans for our Indian conditions, it has a very easy tilting and oscillating mechanical function which helps to control airflow. Aesthetically it looks beautiful and comes with different colour combinations which will complement your décor. 


  • Aerodynamically designed blades for great Air delivery with little noise
  • Copper Motor,Volts 230 V AC, 50 HzV
  • Overheat protection
  • Assembly is very easy
  • Ocillation is jerk free and uniform
  • Air Delivery: 67 Cubic meter per minute
  • RPM: 1280
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty
  • Power output: 55 watts230
  • Includes: 1 unit of product & instruction manual

2.Havells Swing LX 400mm Table Fan

Havells Swing LX 400mm Table Fan

With summer increasing temperature of the room, a ceiling fan is not enough. The main disadvantage of a ceiling fan is the spread of the air, which results in uneven distribution of the air. High speed table fan help in concentrating the air in just one direction and this unidirectional flow of air helps in soothing the temperature of the room, profusely. 

Havells is another brand name that provides one of the best table fans in India, it is both trendy and highly functional. The aerodynamical design of the blade which provide balance and jerk free motion during oscillation  It comes with thermal protection, a stable base and three modes according to your need, also a protective grill comes in handy if you have children who like to poke. If you willing to buy celling fan under 2000 rupees. visit below links.


  • Jerk free oscillation 
  • 120 ribs guard. Rated voltage: 230 V 
  • Pivot arrangement for tilting and oscillation 
  • Aerodynamically designed and balanced PP blades 
  • Speed: 1350 RPM 
  • Air Delivery: 72 CMM 
  • Power: 55 watts 
  • Warranty: 2 years on product 

3.Bajaj Midea BT 07 400mm Table Fan

Bajaj Midea BT 07 400mm Table Fan

It is one of the best table fans which is offered by Bajaj, being economical with best-in-class performance makes it more desirable and yes it can do all the multitasking too.

The fan is an indigenous product, which is completely made in India, it needs an electric supply of 230 v to operate, fans speed is controlled by three different modes and it also comes with the fuse for the motor which will eventually protect the fan. The best part is motor is designed keeping mind to the Indian condition.


  • Sweep: 400mm, Power: 55W, Air Delivery: 75CMM, RPM: 1300
  • Acrylic blades with Consistent air delivery and zero warp from air pressure
  • Overload thermal protector which Acts as a fuse and protects the motor from any kind of damage
  • It Provides high RPM, which gives good speed and throw
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Includes: 1 Fan Unit, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card

4.Crompton High Flo Neo High Speed 400 mm (16 inches) 50W Oscillating Pedestal Table Fan

Crompton High Flo Neo High Speed 400 mm (16 inches) 50W Oscillating Pedestal Fan:

Table fans from Crompton can blend in all types of household décor. It gives stability, great performance, amazing features and excellent looks

Table fan is designed using high-quality plastic which makes it sturdy and offers right balance and support to the fan while its performing


  • High-quality polypropylene blades are used and for stability, a strong base is provided.
  • Long-lasting motor, stand and junction box is used for durability.
  • PRODUCT: Crompton’s 3-Speed Energy Saving Pedestal Fan with superior performance
  • Technical :Sweep 400 mm; Air Delivery 85 CMM; Power consumption 50 W
  • WARRANTY: 2 years; Provided by Crompton from date of purchase

5.Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan

Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan

Orient electric wind pro comes with revolutionary Concentrix winding technology which makes the fan silent, reliable and more efficient, it comes with five leaves that ensure higher thrust in the room which ensures low power consumption, it also comes with a powerful motor that delivers higher thrust in a noiseless manner.


  • It comes with thermal overload protection device
  • Durable motor for longer life
  • White body with 5 blades
  • Sweep: 400mm, air delivery: 95 cm, air displacement: 5700 m3/hr
  • Rpm: 1300
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power output: 85 watts
  • Includes: fan, motor with switch box blades with guard

6.Enamic UK model black C-24  

Enamic UK designs table fans in such a way that they can perform best in any weather conditions possible with low consumption of power, it also helps to save the environment. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor needs. The table fan looks Aesthetically beautiful and only comes in the colour black which gives it a premium look for the price. You can easily place this all-purpose fan on a nearby table and enjoy its coolness.


  • 3 Speed Air Control Mode, High Air and suitable for indoor and outdoor (shop counter, Showroom, Kitchen) Powerful Copper motor, specially made for Indian conditions
  • Aerodynamic design with Unique Oil Lubrication for better performance and longer life
  • Motor is 100 percent copper winded and made in india
  • Power Consumption: 48W, Voltage 220-230 V Ac 50 Hz, Sweep: – 225 mm, 9 inches 1 year warranty, Fan with new High Speed Low Voltage (HSLV) Technology

How Do We Shortlist Products on Our List?

We try to keep ourselves updated with the latest technology to give our readers up to date information and specifically provide them with a user-friendly product, we also take reviews from verified buyers to understand how it works in daily life which help us to get valuable feedback. We ensure that the table fans we suggest have minimal to no complaints and we make sure every product has a warranty card so that in future if customer faces an issue, you can get it fixed without paying extra.


Before buying any table fan I would request you to check three major features durability, reliability and warranty.
Let us know which table fan you liked the most? If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help.

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