We tested some of the best hot and iced tea makers to find out which one best fits the space in our kitchen. After several tea drinking sessions, we selected the Breville – BTM50 as the best automatic tea maker for hot tea and the Takeya – 1117 as the best iced tea maker.

Consider important features of best hot and iced Tea Makers

If you are looking to buy an automatic best hot and iced tea makers, the best ones are:

  • Programmed settings for your favorite type of tea, including tea brewing temperature and time, and steady steeping time.
  • A separate timer to alert you when the water reaches the optimal temperature for infusing the tea and another alert when the tea is fully brewed.
  • Stainless steel trim also can help match other kitchen appliances.
  • This can withstand extreme changes in temperature this is borosilicate glass pitcher,

Best hot and cold tea maker

Breville – BTM50

Breville - BTM50 (best hot tea maker)

Tea lovers wax poetic about the Breville-BTM50, and we understand why. It has five programmed settings for black, green, white, herbal and oolong tea, each with a different temperature. Black tea is preset to the highest temperature of 212°F and green tea to the lowest temperature of 175°F. Best hot tea maker. Best coffee maker for brewing tea.


  • Five precise programs for brewing and steeping black, green, white, herbal and oolong tea
  • A countdown timer alerts you when it’s time to pour the tea and when your brew has been fully steeped
  • Easy use, easy clean
  • made of High end quality borosilicate glass and stainless steel

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CH65( best hot and iced tea maker)

The CH65 isn’t as user friendly as the Breville, but this is still makes a terrific cup of tea and it is best loose tea maker. It has the similar pitcher, made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel, but there base feels less substantial than the Breville’s.


  • The price is less than half of Breville.
  • Six great and precise programs for brewing and cooking
  • Strong, large capacity pitcher made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel
  • it will be programmed up to 12 hours ahead

 Takeya – 1117

Takeya – 1117

The Takeya – 1117 best iced tea maker is simple itself. This is a tall, narrow pitcher made of Tritan plastic, a durable, crystal clear plastic used in food storage containers that resembles a thermos. Its tea infuser is attached to the lid, and when you’ve filled the jug halfway with boiling water, you insert the infuser, this is best cold tea maker.


  • Makes in 30 seconds of two quarts of iced tea
  • keeps iced tea cold Patented chill technology
  • The infuser comes with its own cup for dispensing the infusion
  • leak-proof and airtight is Screw top lid

 Mr. Coffee – TM75BK

 Mr. Coffee - TM75BK(Best cold tea maker)

Imagine the iconic Mr. Coffee maker, and then add a pitcher of ice, and the Mr. Coffee – TM75BK-1 best cold Tea Maker has just that. But this work is completed in just Rs 20 and many consumers appreciate this product.


  • Makes three quarts of iced tea in less than 10 minutes.
  • Do it easily
  • Affordable Price
  • best for iced tea made from tea bags

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