Top Indian Tea brands-Let’s explore some of teaholic’s most favorite Indian tea brands.

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A hot cup of Tea after a tiring day is no less than nectar! Ask any tea lover, and they’ll admit it. Tea has a calming effect as it removes all the pressure from the mind and makes the body healthy. It also has many health benefits. Indians love to sip tea at any time of the day.

Best Indian Tea Brands in India

  • Tata Tea
  • Tetley Indian Tea
  • Taj Mahal Tea
  • Waghbakri Indian Tea
  • Society Tea

Tata Tea

Tata tea(Top Indian Tea brands)


Tata Global Beverages Limited, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, is one of India’s top tea brands, established in 1964. Currently, Tata Tea holds the largest share in the production and distribution of tea in the country. Like this it is the largest tea company in India. There is no doubt why it is one of the top best Indian tea brand listed tea companies in India.

Product Features: 

  • unique taste
  • Enjoy a unique blend
  • Leaf, Dust and Tea Bag are available

Tetley Indian Tea 

Tetley green tea

Brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley established this non-alcohol beverage manufacturing company in the year 1837. However, today Tetley is owned by Tata Global Beverages which sells the top best green tea in about 40 countries including India. Known in India for its best tea bags that retain the flavor. You will feel like drinking freshly mixed tea leaves every time.

Product Features: 

  • Plastic free tea and staple free Tea bags
  • Low fat
  • Fresh mixed Tea leaves

Taj Mahal Tea   

Taj mahal(best Indian tea)

Presented by Brooke Bond, Taj Mahal has been India’s best premium tea for four decades. Like this it is also known as Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea. This brand brought a revolution in the Indian tea market. He launched tea bags, instant tea and dessert tea for the first time in India. This tea brand has been endorsed by many prominent personalities and celebrities. This is one of the most expensive best tea brands in India.

Product Features: 

  • Its comes in unique flavor lock pack
  • Used in rarest and best tea leaves
  • It has moderate caffeine content

Waghbakri Indian Tea   

Wagh Bakri green tea

Waghbakri is based in Ahmadabad, and is one of India’s premium tea brands promoted by Gujarat Tea Processors and Packers Limited. It is the third largest Indian green tea manufacturing company that processes and packs tea across the country. Strong aroma and taste of the best tea in India is the highlight of this tea. By any standards, this is a perfect choice for your morning or evening tea time. The tea will intensify your tea craving. 

Product Features: 

  • Caffeine Free
  • Variety Assam
  • Strong aroma

Society Tea   

Society green tea(Best green tea in India)

In the year 1933, Hasmukhrai & Company entered the tea market to produce the best Indian tea brand in India. It is a Mumbai-based firm that produces tea in the form of powder or tea bags. Today, the exceptional taste and aroma of Society Tea makes it one of the top Indian and international tea brands.

Product Features: 

  • Loose tea leaves are available
  • Full of flavor
  • It Has Strong aroma

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