Here are the top 12 Best electric Tandoor for Home in India: Everyone loves tasty and delicious dishes made in tandoors. If you want to enjoy a good and yummy meal with tandoors, you must go to a restaurant or order online.

But you do not want to run to restaurants after a long, tiring day. Now you can make and enjoy this tandoor recipe with an best electric tandoor for home.

A traditional tandoor has Grilled or tandoori foods require charcoal and fire and are great for outdoor cooking or an open space, which in-turn grills the food. Electric tandoor can solve this problem.

However, the modern electric tandoor without using clay and wood-fire gives your food the right touch and tang of charcoal and wood into your food.

These electric tandoors are sleek, compact, and elegant in design that would correctly set in your modern kitchen decor.

All of these tandoor recipes you can make at home using an electric tandoor. You can make tandoori chicken, baatis, tandoori rotis, mutton tikka, naan and pizza, Paneer tikka, and many other recipes without getting anything messy.

You can even cook your Italian cuisines in it, like pizzas and pasta. It can also lightly toast your food in these electric tandoors.

Even if you are a cub at cooking, you can still make delicious meals using these electric cooking assistant.

List of Best Electric Tandoor for Home:

Here are the 12 best electric tandoor for home you can choose from, to prepare finger-licking/yummy meals.

  1. WellBerg Micro Combo Electric Tandoor
  2. Future Home Electric Tandoor With Automatic Timer & Heat Controller
  3. Glen Electric Tandoor
  4. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor
  5. B.N. Brights Electric Tandoor
  6. Hot Berg Small Electric Tandoor
  7. GLOWBERG Cast Iron Mini Looking Electric Tandoor
  8. Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor
  9. MICRONE Black Metal Electric Tandoor
  10. Osham Osham Electric Tandoor Grey
  11. SPARQUIN Multi Cuisine Maker
  12. Wonderchef Family Size Super 1460-Watt Tandoori Maker

1. WellBerg Micro Combo Electric Tandoor

Wellberg electric tandoor with supplementary equipment is among the best electric tandoor for home in India. you can easily grill, bake, toast and roast in this electric tandoor.

This makes it a good cooking companion for weekend barbeques and small get-togethers parties.
This product doesn’t just help you try tandoori recipes but is also an catcy!

wellberg tandoor

It requires no pre-heating and is also shockproof.


  • It measures 412845 cm and black in colour.
  • This tandoor consumes a maximum of 1500 Watts of power.
  • It is madeup of stainless steel which makes the tandoor easy to clean
  • This stainless steel surface also keeps the product oxidation free for as long as 10 years approx.
  • You also get lot of free product with this wellberg electric tandoor like : grill, 4 skewers, 4 rubber legs, 1 pizza cutter, and a recipe book.
  • A magic cloth is provided for cleaning the tandoor that is non sticky and washable.
  • It requires no pre-heating process and is also shockproof too.


  • Sturdy and Compact.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Additional accessories provided
  • 1year warranty.
  • The heat from top and bottom both.
  • Corrosion-free up to 10 year approximately.


  • Power cable is small.
  • No light indicator for on/off.

2. Future Home Tandoor With Automatic Timer & Heat Controller

Future Home Electric Tandoor is among the best electric tandoor for homes in India. It has the unique function of an automatic timer on/off.

It prepares all kinds of tandoori recipe like pizza, paneer, cakes, chicken and many other recipes.

future home electric tandoor

Food is properly prepared with the help of heating from top and bottom.
It has 3 heating controls, top, bottom and both sides can be adjusted through the knob provided.

This future home electric tandoor is made up of stainless steel which makes it corrosion free.
This tandoor has also an special feature that it has transparent window you can see the food through them


  • 3 years of manufacturing warranty.
  • It has accessories included 4 skewers and a recipe book.
  • Additionally wire included for grilling the food.
  • With the help of sliding trays, you can place the food in tandoor.
  • This electric tandoor works with the maximum of 1100 watts of power.
  • Automatic timer is provided Once the food is ready timer is automatically switches off the electric tandoor.
  • Pros:
  • Complimentary book provided.
  • Automatic timer controlled.
  • 3 years of manufacturing warranty.
  • Cons:
  • Doors do not close properly.
  • Quality is not that great.

3. GLEN Electric Tandoor

Glen is a that brand which deals in various type of household appliances and kitchen appliances, which have excellent functions and good quality.

The appearance of the best Electric Tandoor for home can match any kitchen and is more elegant with its cooking recipes.
It provides you with a healthy method of cooking, like modern clay tandoor.

GLEN electric tandoor

This best electric tandoor for home in India also includes see-through windows in which you can see the food through them and the heating element is also energy-efficient.

Since this Glen Electric Tandoor has a thermal insulation function, it also saves a lot of energy.


  • Glen Electric tandoor has 1 year of warranty.
  • Transparent window and cool touch handle.
  • Healthy cooking like traditional type clay tandoors.
  • It has a matt finish stainless steel body and can be easily cleaned.
  • This best electric tandoor for home in india consumes maximum of 1400 watts of power and 220 – 240 volts.
  • It is equipped with energy-saving elements and can cook instantly without radiating any heat around.


  • Comprises the see through windows.
  • Amazing elegant appearance.
  • Saves energy with thermal insulation
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Customer service is not good.

4. Mini Chef convection oven / Tandoor

This Mini Chef electric tandoor is a really convenient and easy-to-use because it has a variety of useful functions and excellent quality.

This best electric tandoor for home in India is very hygienic and is very suitable for all kinds of tandoori and grilled dishes.

mini chef tandoor

The appearance of this tandoor will complement any kitchen indoor environment.

The device comprises toughened glass windows but it is very light. It also has non-magnetic imported heating elements, and its body is completely shockproof.

No matter what the menu for the day is, the recipe book will help get started with simple recipes.


  • Shockproof
  • Heavy duty and sturdy material
  • This best electric tandoor for home in India consumes maximum 2000 watts of power and 230 volts.
  • It is equipped with non magnetic imported heating elements.
  • Suitable for learner cooks.
  • This electric tandoor comes with a heatproof stand, 2 magic cloths and a recipe book.
  • That lightweight and tasteful looking Mini Chef electric tandoor are designed to perfectly fit your kitchen setup.
  • The rectangular toughened glass on the open tray you can see the food while preparing it.


  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Sturdy and heavy.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Economically heating elements.
  • No preheating required.
  • Cooks immediately.


  • No automatic timer.
  • No power indicator installed.
  • Can use a chic elegant look.

5. B.N. Brights Hot Plate Tandoor

You can taste delicious food from the house and prepare yummy and delicious food on the go using this best electric tandoor for home in India.

This B.N. Brights electric tandoor is madeup of aluminium and toughened front glass windows which are shockproof and fully durable.

This tandoor has a compact design making storage easy.
The surface is easy to clean and doesn’t retain stains, thus reducing cleaning efforts on your part. Its black color prevents any visible permanent stains from oil and masalas.

B.N bright hotplate

With this device, you can easily enjoy healthy and delicious chicken, mushroom, potato, or fish with easy cooking. it can help you bake and grilled delicious dishes in the healthiest way.

Don’t worry about oil-free tandoori and grilled food! You can go with this best electric tandoor.
The tandoor has a sturdy glass window with an insulated handle for easy access to the tray of the product.

This product is a shockproof or portable device that you can carry to your friend’s or relative’s house for small gatherings and evening party’s.

This tandoor is one of the bestest tandoor because we can bake a cake through this.
In terms of the warranty, this product offers the maximum coverage of 5 years.


  • This product is a shockproof portable device.
  • This best electric tandoor for home in India has a sturdy glass window and insulated handles.
  • The surface is easy to clean and does not leave stains.
  • This best electric tandoor for home in India has a sturdy glass window and insulated handles.
  • The surface is easy to clean and does not leave stains of oils.
  • The compact design of tandoor makes storage easy.


  • Lightweight and sturdy material.
  • Supports cake baking and many other baking items.
  • Shockproof
  • 5 years of warranty.


  • Power consumption details are not provided.
  • Doesn’t have a heat controller.
  • No light indicator for switch on/off.

6. Hot Berg Small Tandoor

Hot Berg’s small electric tandoor is a compact-sized appliance well-known for its efficiency. This lightweight well built model is very easy to use or carry.

It has an aluminium tray that can be used for grilling, roasting, toasting, and baking. This is your perfect partner to prepare delicious dishes like paneer tikka, chicken, tandoori roti, paratha, cake, muffins, aalu tikka, roti, etc.

It is one of the best tandoor for home. This can also be the best electric tandoor for chicken

It is manufactured with extra safe heating elements for undisturbed yet completely regulated temperature.

hot berg electric tandoor

The best home tandoor comes with a pizza cutter, a magic cloth, an aluminium tray, and a recipe book. It is completely shockproof provide with rubber legs and extra safe heating elements.

It weighs 5.2 kgs and consumes maximum of 1500 watts power. You can prepare the dish of your choice without any worry of spillage as the unit is very easy to operate and clean.

You can also enjoy add-on items such as a magic cloth, skewers, and a pair of gloves.


  • Compact in size so easy to use and moveable.
  • It has an aluminium tray that can be used for grilling, toasting, baking and roasting as well.
  • It is also named as electric tandoor for chicken.
  • This comes with accessories like pizza cutter, an aluminium tray and also an recipe book.
  • It also comes with magic cloth and skewers.
  • It has an dual plate system.


  • Compact size and easy to use.
  • Shock Proof and portable device.
  • Equipped with extra heating elements.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Lightweight and sturdy material.
  • High durability.


  • Maximum 1500 watts power consumption.
  • Warranty is not mentioned.

7. GLOWBERG Cast Iron Mini Looking Electric Tandoor

If you want travel friendly tandoor, then you must buying this one tandoor from glowberg electric tandoor.
This tandoor is smaller than most Laptops measuring just 10 inches in size.

This includes 1 pair glove, 1 pizza cutter, a magic cloth, 5 skewers, an aluminum tray, and a grill.
In addition to grilling, baking, and toasting, the tandoor comes with a non-stick top which you can use to cook dosas and more dishes.

glowberg small mini tandoor

Like most electric tandoors, this product too requires no preheating.
Its sturdy material is good to go. It is also a Shockproof device with no preheating elements.
It also comes up with the 2 years of manufacturing warranty.


  • It is smaller in size like most of the laptops.
  • Includes 1 pair of glove, pizza cutter and an aluminium tray.
  • It is also has non stick top which you can use to cook dosas, chillas and more.
  • Shockproof and portable device.


  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy material.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Oil free cooking with high quality elements.


  • No light indicator for switch on/off.
  • Require more time for heating.
  • Time taking device.

8. Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor

This electric tandoor is one of the easiest future tandoor for home in india. It is black in colour and madeup of cast iron material.
This tandoor is light weight and elegant looking aluminium tray.

This smart life cast iron electric tandoor is much quicker in cooking as compared to ovens and microwaves.
This electric tandoor is shockproof.

It is modern in style with 4.9 kg weight.
It has maximum of 1500 watts of power consumption

smart life cast iron

This electric tandoor is featured with tough glass window and ideal for grilled and tandoori items. You can grill paneer, chicken, and vegetables and fitted with extra safe heating elements.


  • Light weight and elegant looking aluminium tray.
  • Ideal for tandoori and grilled items.
  • Much quicker in cooking as compared to microwaves and ovens.
  • It comes with the pizza cutter and a recipe book.
  • Its non stick sheet and a pair of gloves has an extra accessory
  • It has tough glass window.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • It is portable
  • Works very fast
  • Reasonale in price.


  • Product was small in size.
  • The outer body is very hot when tandoor is in use or making dishes.
  • The pizza cutter quality is too bad.

9. MICRONE Black Metal Electric Tandoor

This tandoor is a black metal electric tandoor that was quiet heavy but still it is one of the best tandoor for home in India.
Although its weight is 6kg and dimensions is 34 x 28.4 x 23 Cm. It comes up with only extra component is switch .
It has electric power source with low electricity usage. In this Microne black metal electric tandoor we can bake and roast so many delicious items.

microne black metal

In this we can make Paav or bun as well. It comes up with the recipe book as well.
With this tandoor we can get cutter, 4 skewers and sticks too but cutter quality is not that good.
This tandoor has non stick plate that was easy to cook items.


  • Dimensions: 34 x 28.4 x 23 Cm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Non sticky sheet on the top of the tandoor.
  • Low electricity usage.
  • It comes up with the cutter, skewers, recipe book and so on.
  • One year Manufacturing warranty.
  • In this electric tandoor you can make tandoori chicken so yummy.
  • It is shockproof


  • 1 year Warranty
  • Low power source.
  • Shock proof
  • Modern look
  • Material-metal


  • Cutter quality not good
  • No automatic timer

10. Osham Osham Electric Tandoor Grey

This is an electric tandoor which is grey in colour and easy to use. This osham osham electric tandoor is one of the best rank seller tandoor on amazon’s list.

osham electric tandoor


  • Its Package Dimensions are ‎ 51 x 30 x 24 cm and weight is 6.7 Kg.
  • This tandoor has 1000 watt upper and 1000 watts bottom.
  • It also comes with warranty of heating elements.


  • Easy to use.
  • Low electricity
  • Saves energy
  • No preheating required.


  • Bit slow
  • Recipe book is not provided.

11. SPARQUIN Multi Cuisine Maker

Sparquin multi-cuisine maker salient features dual cooking – inside an oven and over cooktop all metal friendly cooktop and oven can use a pressure cooker, fry pan, saucepan.

On cooktop compact and elegant shape optional time setting to 60 minutes even cooking durable coating long life and extra safe stainless steel heaters heavy duty switches.

It has toughened glass mat black in colour. whereas has an aluminum tray with wide area see-through glass for better view of cooking inside oven.

It can also insert utensil of height up to 4 inches inside oven with low power consumption than other electric tandoors.

SPARQUIN multi cuisine

This tandoor is hygienic and shock proof much quicker in cooking as compared to other ovens.
Its functions are bake, barbecue, defrost, grill, roast, toast and warm and can grill paneer, vegetables, chicken, meat, and fish.

It Can also roast tandoori chicken, barbecue meat, shashlik, kababs. similarliy, It can also bake rolls, naan khatais, coconut cookies, chocolate sponge cake.


  • Can preheat cooked food and much more with this elegant tandoor.
  • Specifications power source with single phase 230 v, ac 50 Hz with maximum power consumption.
  • Package contents 1 main unit,4 skewers, 1 grill with skewer stand, 1 mitten, 1 recipe book and 1 user manual.
  • Compact and elegant shape.
  • It has wide area see through glass window for better view of cooking.
  • It has optional time setting upto 60 minutes.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Dual cooking
  • Long life and extra safe stainless steel heaters.
  • Hygienic and shock proof


  • Upper cook top is very risky and unsafe.

12. Wonderchef Family Size Super 1460-Watt Tandoori Maker

With its motto of ‘Cook with Pride’, Wonderchef electric tandoor offers a range of healthy and innovative kitchenware across the country.

Today, Wonderchef has become a favourite consumer brand in the kitchenware segment .

All Wonderchef products adhere to the global standards in design, innovation, and quality of manufacturing and are backed by the famed Wonderchef top-notch service.

When you choose Wonderchef, you choose a healthy lifestyle, you choose finer things in life. The most admired set of Indian kitchens, Wonderchef Family Size Super Tandoori Maker is crafted from steel and metal.

wonderchef family size

Designed in such a way that very little amount of oil is enough to prepare food and while draining out the excess oil so that the minimum amount is used. It gives a quick, crisp, tasty food.

The powerful motor ensures superfast heating. 10-step Thermostat for better temperature control.
Modeled with good quality non-stick coating that enables you to cook food with almost no oil or very less oil.


  • Thoughtfully designed with a slope that drains away excess oil/ghee for healthy and tasty food
  • The tandoor maker features a well-built handle designed ergonomically to make your cooking convenient.
  • It also bake up to 180 degrees and both sides can be used for certain preparations like daal-tikki and heating pizzas.
  • LED indicator shows you whether you want your food to be grilled dark or light. Red colour indicates dark and Green colour indicates light.
  • The in-built thermostat control system regulates the flow of heat and avoid over heating.
  • Great for grilled sandwiches, pizzas, paneer and aalo tikki.


  • Adjustable slope which you can control.
  • 10-step thermostat for precision cooking-low heat to very high.
  • High quality non-stick coating.
  • The powerful motor ensures superfast heating.
  • Use both sides for cooking


  • Bit tighter
  • Bit bigger in size.


All you need is an electric tandoor to make a delicious tandoori recipe at your home.
Today we will review the best electric tandoor for home in India.

Being a host to friends and family can be a demanding task.

You have to take care of everyone’s favorites most importantly likes or dislikes when it comes to food.

Most relatives prefer home – cooked food. Where as children love food having a restaurant-like style and taste.

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