GetResponse Review: In this article, we will talk about Getresponse: The All in One Marketing tool and its worth the money or not. Nowadays, we require a lot of marketing tools for our business, which is necessary for funnel building, email marketing, landing page builder and marketing automation. Getresponse is popularly famous for its email marketing tool. If you are into email marketing, then Getresponse is the tool you need.

In this Getresponse review, we’ll discuss the tool and its features, strengths and weaknesses.

What is GetResponse?

Getresponse Review

GetResponse was started in 1997 when SEO Simon Grabowski launched the first autoresponder. After a year, they registered the domain In 2000, they introduced smart autoresponder. Since then, GetResponse has been ruling the industry by integrating new features and services. So we will be doing Getresponse Review in this article.

GetResponse Features

GetResponse offers various features which can help you expand your business. Some of these are :

Email Marketing

GetResponse is famous for its Email Marketing Tool. It consists of email creators that will create unique, attractive emails so your audience opens them.

Email Creator

GetResponse Review

Email Creator gives us the option to select predesigned templates. You don’t have to build email templates from scratch. Just choose a predesigned template and change the body text and subject, and your email Is ready to be sent. You can even preview the template first to check if it suits you or not. We can also edit the design on each block or section by tweaking its settings.


Now, let’s say you want to create an email or a series of emails to automatically send to a group of subscribers. It is impossible to manually send all the emails one by one, Hence GetResponse makes this more convenient to customer via its Autoresponders feature.

Create the first autoresponder by configuring when it will send the email to a subscriber of your list.

GetResponse Autoresponder

Sign-up forms

You won’t be able to launch a campaign if you don’t have subscribers. Sign up forms are used to get subscribers. Getresponse provides this facility, too, with which we can use sign up forms to get subscribers.

Signup forms collect information of subscribers.

Creating signup forms are easy. You can edit the blocks according to the information you need.

Sign up forms

Editing can be done quickly on the signup forms, and blocks can be changed according to the information required.

Landing pages

If you want to convert visitors into subscribers, you can use a landing page instead of signup forms. A landing page can easily be created with the templates available in Getresponse Dashboard after clicking on GetResponse Login.

Landing page

After choosing a landing page template, it’s easy to build with the drag and drop feature.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse Pricing

Basic Plan

GetResponse offers Basic Plan for $15/month ($12.30 /month paid in 12 months and $10.50 per month paid in a total of 18 months).
Features included:

  • Everything included in email marketing, landing pages, forms/surveys, e-commerce tools, templates, website builder, and tracking/reporting.
  • This provides Limited automation features (drip campaigns, click and open follow-ups, and contact tagging only).
  • It can create unlimited lead funnels and just one (1) sales funnel.
  • It includes Over 150 integrations with third-party platforms.
  • Only Basic customer service (24/7 live chat and email support).

Plus Plan

It provides the perfect email marketing solution for affiliate marketers looking to scale up their businesses. The Plus Plan is available starting at $49 per month ($40.18 per month paid in 12 months and $34.30/month paid in 18 months).
These features are included under the Basic plan, and other features available are :

  • Everything included in the automation feature and the ability to create only five workflows.
  • You can host up to 100 webinar attendees.
  • We can create unlimited lead funnels and five sales funnel.
  • You can include up to three users in one account.

Professional Plan

This plan is only for Established businesses looking to leverage GetResponse’s email marketing and webinar capabilities should take this plan. Available starting at $99/month ($81.18/month paid in 12 months and $69.30 per month paid in 18 months total).

  • This includes everything that comes under the automation feature, and also we can create unlimited workflows.
  • It can host up to 300 webinar attendees, unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars.
  • This can Create unlimited lead funnels and sales funnels.
  • It includes up to five users in one account.
  • It gives access to web push notifications.

Max Plan

This plan is for enterprises only those who want to run operations using the premium features of GetResponse. To get the price, you have to sign up for a custom quote acc to your need.
Features that are included in the professional plan with additional features are:

  • It can host up to 300 webinar attendees and unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars.
  • It can include up to ten users in one account.
  • Customer Receive campaign and deliverability consulting for maximum results.
  • You can Access the transactional email.
  • You get Dedicate customer support (24/7 live chat; email, phone, and Slack support).

GetResponse Review : Pros & Cons of GetResponse


  • It consists of lots of templates, so building anything on this platform is easy and possible too.
  • You can view marketing automation workflows and funnels visually.
  • The conversion funnel feature makes building high-converting funnels incredibly easy
  • Website builder & AI design tool of GetResponse allows you to build websites fast


  • Building forms is limited
  • Dedicated customer support is available to only Max plan subscribers.

Frequently asked questions:

Is GetResponse a Customer relationship management tool?
GetResponse is not strictly a Customer relationship management tool.

How much does GetResponse cost?
GetResponse cost $15per month for 1000 contacts. The price gets increase if contacts increase.

Which is better: GetResponse or Aweber?
GetResponse and Aweber are the same as email marketing tools. However, the lower price point and webinar capabilities and sales funnel builder, and robust marketing automation features make GetResponse the more logical choice.

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