Best Electric Guitar In India – Electric Guitar is a guitar that requires external uses for the amplifications.

Unlike a stand a acoustic guitar it uses one or more pick ups  to convert the vibration of its into electrical strings. The sound some times shaped on electrically altered to achieve different timbers or tonal qualities. From that an acoustic guitar via ,amplifier settings or knobs on the guitar. through the use of effects.

Invented in 1932 the electric guitar was, adopted by jazz guitar. Players, Who wanted to play single note. Early proponents of the electric guitar on recorded include . Best Electric Guitar in India During 1950s and 1960’s the electric guitar become from the most important instrument in popular music it has evolved into an instrument that is capable of multitude of sounds and styles in genres ranging from pop and rock to folk to country music blues and jazz.


There are many types of electric guitars available today but most are based on just few basic styles that have been around for many years. In the article we look at the main kids of electric guitar and examine their strength and weakness. Electric guitar that said some guitars are more suited to playing certain styles than others.


solid body guitars

Solid body guitars are the most common type of electrical guitars if you want an all purpose electric.. Should be at the top of   your list .The main advantages of a solid bodied electric guitars over other types of electric guitars is that it less prone to feedback solid bodied guitars are also generally more resistant to knocks and bumps and less temperamental than semi acoustic

Below is a list of the most popular types of solid bodied guitars  


When pushed down or pulled up. It lowers and raises the pitch of the string respectively it can be produce a range of the effects ranging from the gentle vibrato to aggressive dives guitars made by the other manufactures that are similar in shape and configuration to the fender Stratocaster may also be refer to unofficially as fender own squire range gives beginners a cheater route to owing a fender made guitars

Stratocasters and Stratocaster-styles guitars


High output pickups will overdrive an amp more easily and a locking tremolo will hold its turning better than a standard tremolo system. Best Electric Guitar In india .For these reason superstrates are often used by rock and metal players. If you wish to play or metal then a superstreet. A good choice they are often ,more aggressively styled standard.


And like the Stratocaster it is also highly, imitated it design in as simpler than that  of a Stratocaster. Featuring a single cutaway two single coil pick ups and lacking a tremolo bar and contoured body. In general the sound and feel of a tele is not particularly suitable for playing heavier rock and metal styles. If you like the shapes of a tele but want to play the music heavy music then company offer souped up versions

Telecaster Guitars (Best Electric Guitar In India)


Notable tele users include Graham Coxon, Jonny greenwood Andy summers Bruce Springsteen jeff Beck and Keith Richards


Les Paul (best electric guitar in india)

the les Paul is heavy weight electric guitar with a feel all of its own .The Gibson Les Paul was first produced. In the 1950s with two P-90 single coil pickups and the distinctive single cutaway shape. Towards the end  of the decade the double humbucker configuration for this instrument Gibsons are considerably more usually expensive.

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