BEST ACOUSTIC GUITAR AND TYPES : As far as getting comfortable around the physical size. Best Acoustic Guitars Some folks and wide tops.

Encumbrance : some can’t do deep bodies .With acoustic guitars there is trade of to consider  presence is often on the other end of the spectrum from what is most .Comfortable but a smaller body will almost always be easier to play due to simply to the size of the guitar

The body styles are going to be the most comfortable when it comes to the smaller size and

Short scale length. to  some extent smaller body guitars can also have a more immediate response


  • Medium body (000, OM, and Grand Concert)
  • They will also have more balance sensitivity and comfort than the larger these is also variation
  • Large Body ( Dreadnoughts , grand auditorium,
  • Capable of the highest volume ceilings and the broadest dynamic ranges to the found in the acoustic guitars A big top with a long scale lengths tends to like high string tension and a heavy hand to drive it to its full capabilities


The guitars shape will affect the sound and your comfort when you hold it. We recommended narrowing your search for a guitars by starting with the sound that you want Then you can search

For guitars that have the shape that will more likely produce that sound that you want. If you are taking guitar lesson you should really use your ears deciding. design difference between makers can  produce

All three guitars are made by the same maker, with the exact same toon woods

And construction methods the only difference between them is the place of the body this should give us a fairly good test of the effect shape has no sound all others things being mostly equal .when you watch the following video , you can really hear a difference in their sound the stumming takes

the beauty of guitars is that no two are exactly the same when it comes to acoustics you will find a variety of shapes and sizes that can impact the sound and performance of the guitar whether you are searching for that classical acoustic guitars look,

in this guitar guide well go over the three most common of that you will find on the market today the dreadnoughts grand concert and grand auditorium cutaway,

the sound of these body shapes to narrow down which one best fits your playing style.



The iconic dreadnoughts shape. When close your eyes and picture an acoustic guitar a dreadnoughts is likely what first come to mind. As the largest acoustic body shape on the today

Many players gravitate towards the three types of acoustic guitars dreadnoughts for its bold sound. Especially common in rock country and bluegrass music, the dreadnoughts is a standard acoustic shape that inspired the decades for music history

dreadnought shape (best acoustic guitar)

2.Shop Dreadnoughts Guitars

There’s a lot to love about grand concert models. similar in size to a classical guitar to the grand Concert body shape the features a tapered when it comes to the playing experience the grand concert compact shape and lower string tension make for an extremely comfortable guitar Especially when sitting down. if you are looking for a model that you can practice on for hours .The grand concert is great place to start .

Shop Dreadnoughts Guitars(Best Acoustic Guitar)

3.Shop Grand Concert Guitars

Lastly the versatile grand auditorium the middle size shapes and strikes a great balance between dreadnoughts and grand concert acoustics three types of acoustic guitars overall the grand auditorium is fairly similar to the concert Shape, expect for the lower bout which is closer in size to the dreadnoughts. There is a great middle ground for the volume and playability. Featuring a well-balanced clear tone the grand auditorium is a versatile choice for both strummers and fingerstyles players

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If you are a fingerstyle player looking to play higher up on the fretboard a cutaway is an absolute must. Most importantly , find a guitar that speaks to you Whether you are looking for the boldness of a dreadnought or the ultra -comfortability of the grand concert your guitar should be whichever model makes .

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