Are you looking for a best Atta dough maker machine in India? Then you are in the right place. We have included top 7 best Atta Dough Maker Machine in India along with your shopping guide, rating, pros and cons.

Making Dough by hand is very time consuming and messy process place your hands on these attack machines and save time and energy.

If you have a large family then Atta Dough maker machine should be at your home. In this article, we comes up with the top 7 Best Atta Dough Maker Machine that will help you out the best product.

7 Best Atta Dough Maker Machine :

Dough Maker Brands  Wattage   CapacityWarranty
Kent Atta and bread maker550W3L1year
Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker5502L1year
Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Maker650w3L1Year
Inalsa Food Processor800W2L2Year
Homeplus Plastic Vertical Dough Maker500W1L1year
Preethi Master Chef MGA524 Atta Kneader524W2.1L1year
Philips Daily CollectionHR7627/00650W1.5L1year

1. Kent Atta and Bread maker


power: 650watt, 230 v and 50 Z

Powerful 650watt motor with the capacity of 3 litre bowl



Warranty- 1year

kent atta maker

  Kent Atta and bread maker comes as a clear winner in terms of ratings and customer reviews when it comes to dough kneading machine. It was also on the top the amazon best seller list.

Kent from KENT which has been a very well known brand for over 20 years with the wide range of home appliances. With over 19 preset appliances your preparation for complex food items has just become easier and faster.

The design of this device is very simple and unique. Its single touch operation is very easy to operate . All its needs is the ingredients and a single touch to get it started.

This Kent Atta maker device preset setting make it simple for you to try out a range of customizations for different varieties of brown bread, white bread, whole grain bread, Rotis, Chapatis etc

Things we like:

  • fully automatic.
  • user friendly and simplistic design.
  • 19 preset modes of operation.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • 3litre capacity of non stick bowl.

Things we don’t like:

  • sometimes can lead to soggy dough.
  • not durable.
  • Bit pricey.

2. Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker


technical specs: 550 watt, 240v

dimensions: 12*12*12 cm

weight 5.2kg

suction motor:550 watt with 22 preset menu

warranty 1year.

lifelong atta and bread maker

we have another electric best lifelong Atta and bread maker machine choice that has also become amazon best choice.

The display of the electric Dough maker has 22 digital preset menus for baking and kneading any kind of programs like white bread, brown bread, oats etc. You can also bake for making the pizza, biscuits and cake as well.

the Dough will come out soft and even. this one touch operation allows you to perform the selection easily.

It is easy to control with adjustable crust control like light, medium and dark. easy to operate and its detachable components

Things we like:

  • This dough maker is easy to clean because it is made up of stainless steel.
  • This lifelong Atta bread maker is very simple and easy to use.
  • They provide you a 1 year of warranty
  • The dough kneading function gives super soft chapattis.
  • Through this bread baking is very satisfactory and gives soft and tasty bread.

Things we don’t like:

  • if we don’t use proper and equal amount of water and Atta ratio then dough becomes soggy.

3. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Maker


Power : 650 watt,230 v, 50 HZ

powerful suction motor with 650 watt

dimensions: 38*22*24* cm weight: 3.2 kg

warranty : 1 year

clearline automatic dough maker

This Clearline automatic electric dough kneader/maker is a clear winner in terms of rating or customer reviews when it comes to Atta dough making machine.

It was also the amazon’s best seller choice. This Clearline Atta dough maker machine will help big time for beginners or starters who think dough making is a nightmare because of its price, efficiency, rating and tuning choices , it has grabbed topest position in the Indian market .

The dough kneader comes up with the double cover that lets user add more ingredients like salt and water in a proper ratio when comes up with the dough kneading.

It comes with the 650 watt power motor that gives the perfect dough kneading or baking. It comes up with the full 1 year warranty.

Things we like:

  • 650 motor power supply
  • comes with the double lid design
  • 1 year warranty
  • non sticky container comes out with the clean and soft dough
  • Suitable for all kinds of flour
  • 15 minutes auto operation
  • Atta comes automatically with in 3 minutes.
  • coated bowl with 3 L Capacity

Things we don’t like:

  • comes with a loose lid

4. Inalsa Food Processor


power: 800watt power supply, 240V

dimensions: 23.4*21*40.2 cm

weight: 3kg

warranty: 2 year

inalsa food processor

Inalsa food processor is the another choice of Indian customers. Now, you do not need to buy different type of appliances to perform everyday tasks.

This multitask Inalsa food processor 800 Watt do all its chopping, kneading an shredding. this processor cooks food like a master chef.

The capacity of main bowl is 1.4 liter making its ideal for preparing large meals. no need to stop you can prepare large volume of meals in one go. save your time with this Atta/dough maker machine and money too.

This processor includes 7 type of accessories includes: processing bowl, slice cutter, french-fry cutter, kneading blade, chopping blade, instruction manual, warranty card and so on.

For a fasting Cooking experience, you can set the speed of the appliances between two different range of speeds.

compare to other appliances it has less noise production from your kitchen. after every use u can clean the appliance.

Things we like:

  • 800w powerful motor.
  • perform various tasks in one processor like kneading, chopping and shredding.
  • easy to maintain and clean.
  • less noise production.
  • process the large volume of food.
  • save your time with power boost function.

Things we don’t like:

  • It has sharp corner edges.
  • experienced some burning smell during the starting uses.
  • not suitable for preparing the dough for halwa

5. Homeplus Plastic Vertical Dough Maker


technical specification: 500 watt

dimensions: 34*31*39 cm


warranty: 1 year

madeup of stainless steel material

homeplusplastic vertical dough maker

Homeplus Dough maker is the first vertical dough maker in our list from the prestigious house of home appliances.

This is a versatile machine 4 in 1 that just not knead but also bake and chop the vegetables and even used to make juice.

Its powerful motor supports some heavy kind of kneading and chopping vegetables. you can add about 3kg of flour and water in the single go.

The Atta dough maker machine has a kneading speed of 1/2 kg of dough in simple 30 seconds.

It does not comes with the warranty card and has a minor issue of noise. this Atta dough maker machine comes out with the soft dough.

Things we like:

  • versatile 4 in 1 function.
  • can knead , whip butter and even make fruit juice.
  • internal circuit breaker.
  • can knead up to 3kg flour at a speed of 1/2 kg per every 30 second.

Things we don’t like:

  • little bit noisy during kneading or making juice and so on.
  • does not have a manufacturer’s warranty card

6. Preethi Master Chef MGA524 Atta Kneader


power: 524watt

dimensions: 20*22.1*31 cm

weight: 500 grams

capacity:2.1 litre

warranty : 1 year

preethi master chef atta kneader

this Preethi Atta dough maker machine is very sturdy and big container. this maker machine is very easy to operate and handy. It is not pricey at all. it will knead the Atta 1 minute only.

it has advanced blades for kneading and chopping vegetables. it comes up with the measuring cup, kneading blade, instructional manual, customer care and warranty card.

Things we like:

  • kneading and chopping.
  • 1 year warranty card.
  • non noisy
  • 2 in 1 machine with kneading and chopping

Things we don’t like:

  • cleaning the jar is way difficult.
  • didn’t find slicing attachment.
  • customer rating is bit low.

7. Philips Daily CollectionHR7627/00


power: 650 watt

dimension: 244*244*377 mm

bowl capacity: 2.1litre

power consumption: 220-240 volt, 50 hz


Speed settings: 2+

philips daily collection

this philips daily collection is small and contains a number of high performance access. with the slightest efforts you can make bread, cookies, Atta, drinks and much more.

the container capacity is 1 liter while the bowl is 1.5 litres. philips give you a 1 year warranty from the supplier during the warranty period. Its has additional features like non slip feet, mechanical brake and knife holder.

it has 4 disks like shredding , Granulating, slicing and chopping.

it has PowerChop technology with 650 watt powerful motor and 220-240 volt. it comes up with 2 year warranty

Things we like:

  • built in safety lock feature.
  • blade unit S- blade.
  • shredding, granulating and slicing tool.
  • 2 year world wide guarantee.

Things we don’t like:

  • motor power can be increased.

preparing the dough with your hands is very slow and complex process. For a larger family, bread maker with maximum power 650 watt is preferred.

we found that Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Maker comes with 650 watts power with a 3-litre bread making container capacity. plus it come under 5000 rupees and it is made in India.

You need to consider many factors such as power, material quality, accessories and smart options such as timer, start, pause before making a purchase.

select the best Atta dough maker machine that suits your needs.

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