Top 5 musical instruments In India

Top 5 musical instruments in India many people who want to try their hand This article will take you through.

1.Acoustic / Classical Guitar

Acoustic / Classical Guitar (Top 5 Musical instruments in India )

Acoustic Guitars are easier to more than electric and therefore ideal

2.Digital Piano or Keyboard

Digital Piano Or keyboard

If you are also keen on and talented in composing and writing . Most modern have a row of 88 black and white 52 keys There are two types grand piano and upright piano Influenced by romantic music trends. Later in the the century as the become more common. English word piano shortened from the pianoforte. Piano making flourished during the 18th



Violin has been instrument in music composition and development for almost five centuries. Violin come in broad range of sizes to suit the learners’  the violin is fun to learn .


Dhol ( Top 5 Musical Instruments in inda)

which makes the listener. To feel the dramatic as exotic .In the Qawwali musician Punjab , the Dhol remains. large and bulky to produce the preferred loud base .Top 5 musical instruments In India. Made with different woods and materials. Instruments in the top 5 musical instruments dhol is used for the marriage and party


Harmonium( Top 5 Musical instruments in india)

Almost all Qawwals use the harmonium as, Musical accompaniment. Around the world, Where is it commonly used for Shabad kirtan .The harmonium is used for the Morning and evening reaz he is very best for the male and female vocal harmonium is very good instruments in top 5 instruments in India

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