Online shopping refers to buying and selling goods online. It is so convenient. It has become increasingly popular due to its wide variety of options. With just a few clicks, you can buy goods, compare prices, read reviews, and have your purchases delivered to your doorsteps. Online shopping helps you to buy anything and everything from the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks. It provides us with all the accessibility required for our day-to-day use of luxurious items as well. 

online shopping

Benefits of online shopping 

  1. convenient
  2. Affordable 
  3. Wide variety of goods 
  4. Comparative shopping 
  5. Convenient payment options 
  6. Full transparency 

Popular online shopping websites 

  1. Myntra 
  2. Ajio 
  3. Amazon 
  4. Tatacliq 
  5. Nykaa 
  6. Flipkart 

How can online shopping be risky? 

Online shopping can be risky as well. There is a high chance of fraud.  Frauds such as hacking, fake identity, and many other scams during online shopping. 

It also decreases community contact. Because there is no contact with the other people outside as we never have to leave home to shop outside. This is not good because we need to maintain contact with the outside world. 

During online shopping, we cannot see the quality and color of an item as shown in the image. We cannot conclude whether an item is good for our use. 

Fashion blogging refers to blogging that inspires the user and the creator to gain deep and fresh knowledge about the required topic whether it is of fashion, homes, interiors, or of everyday uses. 

Fashion Blogging is not just to show off attire, but its main purpose is to inspire others and express your unique style. It offers a platform where you can collaborate with many of the brands. There is an abundance of fashion bloggers nowadays and everyone has their unique sense of fashion and ideas towards fashion, it is due to them that people are getting attracted even more to fashion industries as they can relate to the sense of uniqueness and sobriety. Many fashion bloggers collaborate with brands, attend fashion events, and launch their own fashion brands and exclusive collections. 

Benefits of Fashion blogging 

  1. Highly helps in building own personal brand 
  2. Adequate amount of income earned 
  3. Express your personal style 
  4. Inspiration to millions of other fashion enthusiasts 
  5. Helps in developing connections in the fashion industry 
  6. Creative outlets 

Popular fashion bloggers 

  1. Kritika Khurana 
  2. Komal Pandey 
  3. Juhi Godambe 
  4. Aashna shroff 
  5. Masoom Mehta 
  6. Malini Aggarwal 

How to start a fashion blog? 

  1. Create your own blog 
  2. Get an entertainer plan and domain name 
  3. Select a niche 
  4. Publish good quality content 
  5. Grow your followers 
  6. Promote your page 
  7. Monetize your fashion blog 

Fashion blogging can be risky?

You spend most of the time on your phone or laptop which is not good for your eyes. You spend a lack of quality time with your family or friends. Most of the time you do things only to show your followers but not for your own enjoyment. There is no privacy at all 

There is a high risk of becoming a narcissist. As bloggers spend most of their time on their phones taking selfies and videotaping their outfits. 

fashion blogging


Online shopping and fashion blogging have their own benefits and disadvantages. Not only this, but everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, one should use things by keeping the bad use in their mind. 

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