Natural Body wash

Best Natural Body Wash – There is nothing more comforting and mind relaxation than a shower so, it would be even better to have natural body wash which would nourish and help your skin heel and become healthy.

If you want to nurture your skin than natural body wash might be a great place to begin from as it has a tremendous number of benefits for skin as well as for nature. They are free from artificial fragrances, paraben, preservatives etc. A natural body wash also helps to make you look younger because of its high level of vitamins it helps in giving relief to your skin.

Using a natural body wash can also help you with getting rid of daily problems like sunburn, allergies, dry and itchy skin.

But as the growing trend for body wash in the market it is very difficult to figure the best one so, here are:-

Top 5 Best Natural Body Wash

MGH Herbal Natural Body Wash

Looking for something traditional then might the best pick as, it helps one of the best for soothing your skin as it is free from paraben, gluten, preservatives.

MGH Herbal Sunnipindi Bath Powder

natural body wash

Price = ₹ 94 for 100 ML

Skin Type – All Body Types

Direction Of Use Take bath power mix it with water and make a paste of it. Now apply and leave it for 15 minutes so that your body can absorb natural ingredients and then wash it.

Main Ingredients Its ingredient will fascinate you as it is prepared from Moong Dal, Chana Dal, Neem, Multani Mitti, Bavanchalu, Orange Peel and many more essential elements for skin.

Benefits It will give you vibrant skin. It also provide calming effect to your mind, it will also nourish your skin.

VIDHYANJALI Natural Body Wash

Calm your mind and skin with vidhyanjali body wash because it is also made with natural ingredients. If you want some natural fragrances, it might be body wash which is natural and best for you.

Vidhyanjali’s Green Tea & Lemon Face Wash


Price = ₹ 225 for 200 ML

Skin Type – Oily Skin

Direction Of Use – Take a very little amount of body wash and gently apply it on body also elegant fragrance will tell you the quality of product. Then wash it with water. 

Main Ingredients – Green tree extract, Coconut oil, Lye, Aqua

Benefits If you are having oily skin then this might the best pick for you because lemons have properties which citric acid it dries skin but gives you a youthful look.

Ecocradle Natural Body Wash

Ecocradle makes homemade products with are not having harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Their products have blend of essential oil you will experience purity; it might uplift and energize your mood.

Ecocradle has always been making products for the people with busy life style, so that they can also enjoy a refreshing and stimulating life. They acquire products from nature.

All the ingredient are natural

Ecocradle’s Calming Mandarin Cream (Orange)


 Price = ₹ 350 for 200 ML

Skin Type – All Body Types

Direction Of Use –  Take a small amount of body wash on your hands or loofah. Then gently massage over the body.

Main Ingredients – Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Orange Peel Oil

Benefits – It is best for healing acne, cleaning the skin in terms of removing dead skin cells.

Rustic Art

Rustic Art is one the best brands whenever it comes to natural products in the market as it was started in 2011 with the motive of futuristic and innovative products along with a dedication to save environment.

It guarantees that their product would bring happiness to your homes and faces and would soothes your skin. Rustic Art body wash which you should must try . With more than 10k rating on amazon it is one the best-selling products with 89% positive rating.

Organic Body Wash in Rose Sandal flavor

Natural Body Wash

Price = ₹ 375 for 200 ML

Body Types – All Body Types

Direction Of Use – There are 2 best ways to use this product.

First – Take a small amount of body wash on your hands or loofah a gently scrub over the body.

Second – You can make liquid body wash from this concentrated one by the same amount of water with concentrated body wash and mix it and apply it.

Main Ingredients – Sal butter, Caster, Essential oils such as coconut and rajnigandha.   

Benefits – Since all the ingredients list is full of essential things some of them like rajnigandha, tomato, raatrani are carefully picked up to give your skin a refreshing effect. Helps removing tan, moisturizing skin.

Juicy Chemistry

One of another best in market is juicy chemistry. Their products are GMO free, Sulphate free, Dyes free, naturally homemade products. It certified as it is made with essential plant oils which makes skin glowing and soft.

Juicy Chemistry Body Wash

Natural Body Wash

Price = ₹ 750 for 200 ML

Body types – All Body Type

Direction Of Use – Take a small amount of body wash on your hands or loofah. Then gently massage over the body recommended in circular motion then wipe with towel.

Main Ingredients – Avocado, Coconut, Olive  

Benefit – Its helps providing better tone to the skin and nourishes it in every possible manner. Avocado is known for its properties to nourish skin and whereas coconut oil is known for toning the skin in the best manner.

Note – This Body Wash is for babies but it will even not harm If adults use it because all ingredients are natural.


The best natural body wash can be many but remember it should be free from – Parabens, Sulphates, Preservatives, SLS, Petroleum, Colors. All these ingredients harm the body without we knowing that so don’t make the brands fool you. What’s Interesting is that mostly natural brands are slightly expensive or equal to products that are commercialized but natural body wash or any other natural product are not marketed because of their small budget. We not only eat through our mouth but also through our skin so it is very important want are we applying on our skin.

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