Jewelry stores in Patiala

Jewelry stores in Patiala: basically sell jewelry of mainly of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. In India, there are many jewelry brands that are famous for their products. Jewelry is famous for both men and women. Jewelry is made with different types of originality. There are now many varieties of jewelry in stores. Many peoples always want to buy the best jewelry at the best rate.
Nowadays, there are many online jewelry stores so you can buy any jewelry without going out just choose what you want and then place an order. Patiala is flooded with many jewelry stores and every store has a unique collection. Most peoples like to search for jewelry stores near me. So we provide you best jewelry stores in Patiala.

list of 10 best jewelry store in Patiala

1. Shehnai Jewelers

shehnai jewelers(jewelry store)

Shehnai Jewellers has been recognized as an established Brand in the field of wholesale and distribution in Various companies such as ACPL 925 sterling silver, ACPL gold chains, Zar gold bands and bangles, Kisna Diamonds, Emerald 925 and 999 Idols &gift items, and many more items and ornaments which are available at one doorstep.

All the items available are BIS hallmark approved along with the invoice bill. Shehnai Jewellers is one of the leading firms which provides customers with valuable goods at the assurance of quality, and quantity checks at reasonable is a registered trademark firm located at Qila Chowk, Darshani Gate Patiala THE ROYAL CITY OF Punjab.

A showroom ideal for all kinds of gold, diamond, silver, and sterling silver ornaments & gift items. They are one of the best jewelers in Patiala. They also have online jewelry stores that will deliver jewelry to your doorstep.

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9888610881, 9815527979

2. Qimat rai Jewelers

Qimat rai jewelers are one of the oldest jewelers and established their jewellery shops 100 years ago. They are also recognized as well as registered trademark firms. The store also deals in gold, silver, emerald idols, and diamond pieces of jewelry. They have different types of varieties at reasonable rates.
Qimat rai jewelers have been in the profession since the British period of time. They have varieties for all men, women, and kids at the most effective price.

3. Mima mal Harbans lal saraf jewelers

Mima mal Harbans lal saraf jewelers are one of the reputed jewelry brands and one the best jewelery shop in Patiala. They have vast collections of all kinds of jewelry for all types of events. mima mal harbans lals have one of the great bridal jewellery collections.
They have different types of diamond and platinum jewelry for different types of events. Mima mal Harbans lal sarafs jewelers is also a trusted jeweler in Patiala city.

4. Punjabi traditional jewelry

Punjabi traditional jewelers have also been in this business for 29 years and their jewelery makes anyone happy. This jewellery shops provides you with exceptional and imperial classics jewelry to make every dress of jewelry fans fabulous.
They having in this business for more than 3 decades and deal with all types of jewelry diamonds, gold, and silver for women, men, and kids as well. They have exceptional traditional jewelry according to the culture of Punjab.

5. Dhera Singh jewelers

Dhera Singh Jewelers are one of the oldest and best jewelers in Patiala. They craft and promote jewellery in Patiala and have the expertise of over 50 decades and are in this profession since the period of kings and after the partition.
Dhera Singhs store has all types of variety to meet the demand of girls, men, and kids. They have the most effective jewellery in their store.

6. Tanishq jewelers

Tanishq Jewelers is one of the famous brands in India and have there jewelry stores all around the country. this is a branch of Tata and was established in 1994 as Tanishq. The name is a combination of tan ( significance body) and nishk ( significance of gold decoration).
They are well known to woo girls with Bollywood-motivated collections of movies and Indian history. They make all types of jewelry in the best variety of collections.

7. Mahesh jewelers

Mahesh Jewelers are one of the best jewelers in Patiala, that is famous for supplying the best global quality and making jewelry at local prices. They make different types of bangles, bracelets and earrings, and many more.
Mahesh Jewelers is a trusted manufacturer of jewelry in Patiala for events or daily uses. They make jewelry for bridals and also with a great collection of their jewelers.

8. Krishana jewelers

Krishana Jewelers is also one of the finest jewelers in Patiala dealing in all types of varieties of jewelry. They make the finest jewelry of gold, silver, and diamond which makes them the best jewelers. They have a top diamond and gold variety of jewelry.
krishna jewelers have a prime collection of jewelry for women, men, and kids as well. They have jewelry for different events that will match perfectly with dresses.

9. Nayaab jewelry

Nayaab Jewelers provides you with jewelry with a mix of trends and special designs that will make it exceptional. deal in all kinds of jewelry. nayaab jewelers also have bridal jewelry also and make jewelry for men and kids
store has a prime collection of jewelry. They are also one of the best jewellery shop in Patiala. They are trusted jewelers and have many different layouts for necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, bracelets, and many more lot of it.

10. Grand Punjab Jewelers

Grand Punjab jewelers are the finest jewelers that will make and have different varieties of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. They better know the trend and have that particular dress-based jewelry that will like by most of the jewelry fans.
Grand Punjab stores have a prime collection of jewelry for men and kids as well. They are the old jewelers in Patiala and only in-store delivery they provide for safety reasons. Their jewelry store is filled with a huge collection.


Jewelry stores in Patiala are the best shops in manufacturing and selling jewelry. Searching for a jewelry store near me for jewelry in Patiala is going to be educational and enjoyable and help in finding the best rates for jewelry. These are prime jewelers in Patiala who are extremely talented in manufacturing jewelry, iconic layout fashions, and elegant creations of ageless beauty.

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