QuickBooks Error Code H202: most importantly when we see error H202, Its when we trying switching from single user to multi user mode. This Error will prevent QuickBooks to prevent the given task.

QuickBooks is one of the finest and relevant accounting software and is known for its amazing capabilities of accounting activities.

quickbooks error h202

QuickBooks is an unbeatable solution that is widely used by small and mid sized businesses and self employed professionals to fulfill the accounting needs.


when a workstation fails to access a company file placed on another computer, it results in H202 QuickBooks error.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error Code H202:

In order to know what causes the error H202, how to solve it, make sure to read and understand the complete procedure below.

Above all, we ensure that these troubleshooting steps will solve your error code instantly and gives you the best results.

1. The main cause behind this error can be the Incorrect Hosting configuration.

2. QuickBooks computer firewall blocked incoming and outgoing communication.

3. setting of DNS server is incomplete or improper.

4. Some services like QuickBooks DBXX/QBCF is not running on the computer server.

5. conflict/mismatch in various database server manager.

6. network data file is not found/may be corrupt.

7. QuickBooks error code H202 port is not found.

8. QuickBooks workstations is unable to find the IP Address/unreachable.

How to Resolve Error H202:

To resolve the error code H202 Try to follow these any of the methods:

Method1: Test Network Connectivity and calibration

step1: click on file menu in QuickBooks and further select utilities.

step2: hold down the windows keys and type ‘This PC‘ on hosting computer.

step3: Meantime, double click the network option from the left window pane.

step4: Start to ping the QuickBooks server/host from the computer showing error code h202.

step5: the command for the ping test ha to be done by the cmd prompt.

step6: Most importantly knell the computer name press enter.

Method2: Use the QuickBooks File diagnostic/doctor Tool

step1: download and install the QuickBooks file diagnostic/doctor Tool.

step2: run and scan the tool to resolve network issues.

if QuickBooks error h202 still persists, try out the different methods.

Method3: confirm the QuickBooks Services

step1:type ‘run’ into the windows search bar

step2: After that type services.msc, then hit enter.

step3: in services window, browse and double click QuickBooks DBXX in the list.

step4: Now window is displayed Select Automatic as the Startup Type.

step5: The Service status must be set to either Running or Started Further, select Start.

step6: select the Recovery tab.

step7: now, Restart the Service from all three drop-down menus.

step8: click apply and then OK to save the changes.

Method4: Arrange QuickBooks database server manager

step1: press windows+R and type msc and select services icon.

step2: twirl through the list of services and select QuickBooksDBxx

step3: double click the services and click stop.

step4: select automatic option from drop down menu.

step5: open QuickBooks and start searching the file again.

Method5: Recreate the .TLG and .ND file

step1: Search and select .TLG and .ND certainly opening QuickBooks.

step2: Right click on the files and renames it.

step3: After these steps .ND and .TLG file will be automatically created when you open the company file

step4: Select All Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

step5: you normally shouldn’t have error opening file after this steps.

If the problem still persists/arises proceed with the following methods

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