Finding out the top face wash for the dry is quite difficult. Most people dry out their skin’s natural moistures with the use of the unsuitable soaps, deodorants gels cleanser on your their skin tone, which as a result leads to dull, tight and dehydrated skin. It is very prominent to use the best face wash with the best ingredients in it which suites to your skin tone. In India there are multiple face wash for the dry skin, we will surely represents the best face wash for the dry skin in this Article of   cosmetics.

Let’s talk about a little what are the main reasons for the dry skin?

There are multiple of the reasons for dry skin. We have narrow down list for the causes let’s discuss it precisely.

  1. Use of inappropriate products – Many user use unsuitable skin care products for their skin tone like soaps, face wash deodorants which dry out the skin and take way the natural moisture of the skin.
  2. Excess OF exfoliation on skin- Use much exfoliation on skin leads to dry skin.
  3. Ageing
  4. Environment changes –Living in the low humidity Area or living in the cold weather
  5. Medical treatments – some people get thick and dry skin tone after medical treatments or taking some medications which cause dry skin.
Best Face wash for Dry skin

 Let’s figure out the right face wash for dry skin in India

 Indian’ population loves to use the best face wash, cleanser for the betterment of their skin. This article narrow down the top 5 face wash for dry skin India. Shop the best facial cleanser for the dry skin listed below.

Cetaphil Facial skin cleanser-

Cera Ve Facial skin cleanser

Cetaphil is one of the top facial cleansers for dry skin it is formulated with skin friendly ingredients which gives the refreshing and smoothing look of the Skin. Moreover, it also helps the Skin to hydrated and protect the skin from the dryness. This face wash contains MVE Technology which helps the Skin for long lasted hydration.

Specifications of Cetaphil

  • 1. Contains MVE technology
  • 2. Maintains PH level of skin
  • 3. Sulpates free Solution
  • 4. Paraben – free.
  • 5. Rich Vitamin E
  • 6 1# brand recommended by the dermotologists
 User’s testimonials-

This is very effective face wash  for the dry skin. The best quality of this product is MVE Technology which helps to provide long – lasting hydration to the skin. User’s feel the difference in the skin tone after applying Cetaphil as a facial cleanser. Cetaphil becomes my daily use hydrating formula.    

Ratings – 

Cetaphil facial cleanser got 5 star ratings on Amazon & Nyka , Customer feel fully satisfied with the products plus also rated 5 start on the value to the money. Buy the product now! To see the difference in few months. Female loves Cetaphil for the use to eliminate Dryness from the skin.

Simple Moisture face wash

Simple Moisture face wash

Simple moisturizer face wash is very effective for dry and sensitive skin used in India. No harsh chemical are used in this face wash sulphate & paraben free formulated Mositure . This is the perfect face wash for all skin types. Simple face wash enriched with vitamin E & Vitamin B5 Which gives the glowing effect to the skin. Simple Moisture becomes the best choice by the female in India.

It is specially made for dry skin it protect the skin from dryness and helps the skin to maintain its moisture. You can get the natural beauty of your skin with the use of simple Moisture face wash. Buy it today! To get the real results  


  • 1.Enrich with Vitamin E and Vitamin B5
  • 2. Scent – Unscented
  • 3. free  –No soap, No paraben , No sulphate
  • 4. Type – gel
  • Material – Naturally made with Natural ingredients.
  • Size – 150 ml
Positives –
  • 1. Suitable for all skin type
  • 2. Naturally made product – free from harsh chemicals
  • 3. No artificial fragrances are added
User’s experience with the product –

Great product with Great quality , I have used this facewash for dry for the first time, feels amazing after the use of this products . After using it my skin was refreshing and starts glowing in few days. I love the product because my skin is very dry . My previously experience with other face wash was very bad. Thank God this time blessed with the simple Moisture face wash for dry skin.


Best selling product on Nyka with the rating of 4.7/5 , User’s loved the face wash and gratifying the product for showing up the best results for dry and sensitive skin. Worth buying product for dry skin for woman in India.

Pears daily use facial cleanser

Pears daily use facial cleanser

Pears face wash is really effective solution for the dry skin. Its contains glycerin liquid which is very friendly option in the winter for the people who are dealing with the dry skin. Pears face wash also helps to keep up with PH level of the skin. It is a soap free formulated face wash and useful for daily use without drying or stretching the skin texture. Gentle exfoliate for sensitive skin removes all he clogged impurities from the skin. It gives the natural look to the skin helps for the betterment of the dry skin after using pears face wash which provides the great moisture to the skin.

Specification –

  • Type – transparent gel
  • Scent – Pears fragrance
  • Price –Now at $152.00 Original price Rs. 160
  • Soap free formulated face wash
  • Maintain the PH level of the skin
  • Glycerin moisture
  • Material feature – Natural
User ‘experience with the product-

As pears face wash is the trusted brand I love to use this brand because of its quality trustiness. My face glows up after using this product , Before using this brand I have used multiple of face wash for my dry skin but got no results my skin becomes even worst. Personally, I recommend this face wash to the viewer who are facing dry and acne skin.

Why people should buy this face wash-

With gentle formulation with glycerin its helps the skin to get more moisturized skin. It gives the natural look to the skin tone. Amazing price with best the quality face wash , Buy it now to add some elegances.


Here in this article we have mentioned best face wash for dry skin in India. Furthermore, some reasons are also discussed in the upper paragraphs about the dry skin causes. These products shortlist due to the best specifications and qualities which makes the shine out from other face wash in the Cosmetic market. These are highly rated by the best cosmetic industries expert and users with great reviews on the best selling face wash sites. It is very prominent to read out about the product’s specifications before buying out the facial cleansers.

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