Best Water Purifier in India

The following list gives name of 6 top best water purifier in India. these are best water purifier below 15000 on amazon . Aquaguard aura, KENT RO,AO Smith Z1,V-Guard RO best water purifier brand in India. Blue Star Excella 6, HUL Pureit RO best water purifier below 10,000.

Aquaguard Aura Water Purifier

 This is India’s first water purifier which has technology of 8 stages purification and capacity of 7 liters big tank. it contains Patented Mineral Guard and Ultrafiltration with its special 7 stage activated carbon and RO (reverser osmosis) Membrane purification process, Aquaquard Aura are certified by NSF international – USA for 

above features and produce safety level (PSL) 3+ level. This is confirmed by UV-C technology that each drop of water as safe and pure as 20-minute boiled water. Ultrafiltration provides perfect clarity to your drinking water apart from make it safe from bacterial and viral infections.

KENT RO water purifier

The Kent RO purifier cleans water and also retain necessary minerals of water with the help of mineral RO technology and TDS control system. This water purifier Is useful in domestic purposes and is perfect for saline/tap and municipal water supplies’ purification.  

The various purification process RO+UF+TDS control is present in it that makes drinking water pure to drink. The purification process helps in removing dissolved impurity like virus, salts, bacteria, chemicals and also improve taste water.

AO Smith Z1

It is hot + normal UV water purifier with 8 step purification process of water. Minerals technology help in gain necessary minerals back to the water.

it ensures that water is fresh, pure and balance pH as required for drinking water. SCMT is one more step in purification process to prevent any probable secondary microbial fouling post RO purification. 

V-Guard RO Water Purifier

V-Guard water purifier is the best solution for impurity removable from drinking water. It is system of seven stage purification which is best suited in India, where the quality water in water supply area naturally contains impurities, for clean water it removes these impurities.

The 7- step purification process start with pre-filter which removes large particles, then impurities are clean by RO membrane. there are two carbon filtration layers that secure healthy drinking water.

Blue Star Excella 6

It is RO+UV water purifier. It has three layers, first water passes from RO membrane which remove dissolved particles, after that the UV lamp removes microbial impurities and inactivates the bacteria, viruses and protozoa followed by UF membrane that helps in removing harmful microbes and impurities.

This has (ATB) Aqua Taste Booster which helps in maintaining optimum pH level and improves the taste of water, this increases your experience of drinking water  

HUL Pureit RO 

This is advanced Pro mineral RO+UV water purifier which provide six-stage purity to supply 100% pure water. It increases minerals such as magnesium and calcium in water to provide safe and sweet drinking water. The advanced 6-stage purification process gives you clean water that are free from all impurities like microorganism, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, or bad taste.

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