Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Men Under ₹10,000

Running shoes are a type of athletic footwear specifically designed for Comfort while highly intense activities. Below listed shoes are ranked for their Breathability, Fit, Traction & Durability to protect the feet and reduce the risk of injury during running.

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List of Best Running Shoes

1.    Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Next Nature

Subtle shoes that you enjoy with a secure design that will help keep you close to the ground for that barefoot feeling, and it has a breathable knit Thanks to new cushioning that is lighter, softer, and more responsive than prior generations.

the design ultimatum.


  • Environment Friendly – The company used 20% Recycled Material to make one pair  
  • Lightweight & Breathable – Promotes airflow and helps keep your feet cool during intense workouts or long-distance runs.
  • Next Nature Technology – Natural motion and adaptive design help to create a shoe that allows your foot to move more freely.
  • Flexibility and Movement – This design helps strengthen foot muscles and enhances overall running efficiency.
  • Sleek Design – Casual Modern design that is not only functional but also visually appealing and most of Jordan’s low-top look alike.

Things to know before buying 

  • As with any shoe, finding the right size and fit is essential for optimal performance and comfort.
  • If you are new to minimalist or barefoot-style running shoes, it’s crucial to allow your feet time to adjust to the different biomechanics. Gradually increase your usage to avoid potential discomfort or injuries.

2.    Skechers GoRun Razor Excess

For some runners, it can be their go-to shoe for workouts and race days. Most runners should be able to get hundreds of kilometres out of the shoe because its outside durability is far better than that of the original GoRun Razor 3 Hyper. This might be a wonderful place to start if, after all this time, you’re still hesitant to attempt running in Skechers.

quirky color shoe.


  • Hyper Burst Midsole Technology – It is a lightweight and highly responsive foam material that provides excellent energy return with each stride.
  • Reflective Details – For safety during low-light conditions, the GoRun Razor Excess features reflective details on the upper to enhance visibility.
  • Anti-Slip Design – The shoe includes a moulded heel counter that provides stability and support to the rear foot, reducing the risk of slippage and promoting a secure fit.
  • M-Strike Technology – Skechers’ M-Strike promotes an efficient and natural running motion, reducing the impact on joints and muscles.
  • Flexibility –  The outsole is designed with a multi-directional tread pattern and flex grooves that allow for natural foot movement and improved traction on various surfaces.

Things to know before buying 

  • The shoe has a padded collar and tongue ensuring a comfortable and snug fit which reduces irritation.
  • The GoRun series suits runners who prefer a lightweight and responsive shoe for faster-paced runs or tempo workouts.

3.    ASICS Men Gt-Xpress 2

Long runs are made possible thanks to the flexible and breathable mesh upper of the GT-Xpress. The upper also has the traditional two-toned Asics look.

subtle yet unique.


  • Guidance Line Flex – The design of this shoe features a groove along the outsole for a natural and efficient stride.
  • Dynamic Grabbing System – Preventing excessive inward rolling of the foot.
  • Gel Cushioning – This cushioning system helps absorb shock upon impact, providing a smooth and comfortable ride during your runs.
  • SpEVA Midsole: This foam offers additional cushioning and durability while maintaining a lightweight feel.

Things to know before buying 

  • If you have a neutral or underpromotion (supination) gait, this shoe may not be the most suitable choice.
  • It may not be ideal for more rugged terrains as it is primarily designed for stability and support.

4.    Nike Pegasus FlyEase  

A steady and energizing ride for any run can aid in your ascent to greater heights. While underfoot Air gives your step a pop when you shift from your heel to your toe. This supporting sensation aids in keeping your foot contained. 

basic aesthetic shoe.


  • FlyEase Heel Support – The standout feature of the Nike Pegasus FlyEase is the innovative FlyEase technology. This design incorporates a zippered heel entry and a wrap-around strap system
  • Super Sturdy – Offering a comfortable and supportive midsole. Making it absorb the impact and provide a smooth transition during the running.
  • Versatility – The Nike Pegasus FlyEase can also be used for various athletic activities, gym workouts, and casual wear.
  • Durable Outsole – The shoe’s outsole is designed to provide traction and durability.

Things to know before buying 

  • It is essential to ensure a proper fit when choosing the Nike Pegasus FlyEase. While the FlyEase system facilitates easy entry. The shoe should still fit well to provide adequate support and comfort during runs.
  • It can be a comfortable and convenient option for anyone who values easy-on accessibility. The slip-on design saves time in putting on the shoes.

5. Adidas Ultraboost Trainers 22

The Adidas Ultraboost Trainers 22 enables you to fully realize your own best. Whether you’re running a marathon or going for a weekend training run. An upper that breathes gives you a calm, cool feeling. The responsiveness and cushioning of the Boost midsole.

crystal clear sport shoes.


  • Extremely Soft – The shoe features a supportive and snug-fitting heel counter. This helps to lock the foot in place, reducing slippage and promoting a secure fit.
  • Boost Technology – It consists of thousands of small energy capsules that provide exceptional cushioning and responsiveness
  • Torsion System – Providing stability and support during foot strike and toe-off phases.
  • Stylish Design – Apart from its performance features, the Ultraboost segment is also known for its sleek and fashionable design. Thus making it a popular choice not only for running but also for casual wear. 

Things to know before buying 

  • Please note that Adidas regularly updates its shoe models. Newer versions of the Ultraboost line may be available.


Remember that the perfect running shoes are subjective and may vary from person to person. Take your personal preferences, style, and comfort into account while making your choice. In my opinion, Nike Pegasus FlyEase is the smartest of them all. Rushing the buying process can lead to regrets later, Take your time – It’s your money. If you’re buying online, read customer reviews to get an idea of how the shoes are.

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