Top 6 Heater in India

These top 3 room heater in India. these are best room heater under 5000. and best for winters in india. Room heater of best quality.

Orient Electric Areva Room Heater

This heater specialized in faster heating of room of up to 180 sq. ft. it has a motor which is long lasting, durable and made up of complete copper. It can adjust heating modes – 1000W AND 2000W because thermostat. This feature making its name in top 6 room heater in India. this room heater under 2000.

It can be place in two directions- horizontal and vertical. Speed of its fan is 2300rpm and you can use it in summer also.ISI approved this heater. There are five stage of protection, which gives better security.

Usha Fan Heater 3628 Room Heater

It is best heating up the room fast. It features three operating modes- cool air, less heat or high heat. There are power modes for help in power saving and for temperature control thermostat feature is present in this heater.

Its designed is smooth and lighter for easy mobility. Two stage protection is provided to ensure your heating experience.

Havells Calido Fan Room Heater

It has feature of two heat setting that you can select accordingly weather condition. It gives quickly, safer heating with more energy efficient to enjoy comfortable warm. This heater providing multi directional heating with the help of oscillation. this is also top and best heater in India. this room heater price is suitable.

 If it will fall by mistake, don’t worry this room heater automatically shut off. It has a dust filter which stop dust to entre in heater and it can be clean on time. Adjustable thermostat feature is there to control heating system via tubes that control air filled.

These are Top 3 Heat Convector in India

Usha 812 T Heat Convector

It is always been the extremely famous and trustworthy room heater because it is classic blower by brand.  Its design of twin-turbo is able to heating faster and a good choice for a small room. This draws air in from the side vents and pushes it to the front, leading to faster and more efficient heating.

Two power modes optimize performance of heating and helps in saving electricity bills. It has brilliant safety features that prevents overheating.

Bajaj Majesty RX11 Heat Convector

This heat convector with its heating power of 2000W keeps room comfortable and comes with an adjustable thermostat which lets you set the required heater Bajaj is best.

 It accompanies an additional layer of protection to protect from overheating as form of automatic thermal. This heater works like personal fan and provides more utility in summers.

Orient Electric Comfy Heat Convector

It has feature of wall mounting with comfortable and new style look. It provides you faster and equal heating. Mixture of functions and forms are also offered. This heater is perfect suited for office and houses. this is also considered in top 6 room heater in India.

Orient Electric heater is approved by ISI. Manufacture gives one year warranty.

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