Below we’ve listed the best Play Station games available right now and are the must owned games by the PS5 owner. All the games in the list are for PS5 as well as PS4. These Play Station games will give you an adrenaline rush, a different experience , so no matter what’s your mood you will never get bore of praying these games.

As of 2022 we have the list the top best 5 amazing Play Station video games available for PS and this lists includes all the PS originals .



Spider Man: Miles Morales Play Station video game

PRICE- RS.2400/- only

If you are Spiderman’s fan and you have Play Station what are you waiting for you should definitely play this game, it is a must own game for Play Station owners. It is one of the best Play Station original games ever made and is only played on PlayStation. You can play this game offline so you don’t need to worry about PS Plus subscription.

Spiderman: Miles Morales is a 4.5 star rated game out of 5. With an outstanding reviews how can a player not own this game. This game has incredible detailed visuals with lightning speed load times. You must know that the story isn’t to big and missions can be repetitive but the fun and joy this game provide you cant even compare it to other games.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales gives the goosebumps and the cinematic experience that challenges all games in the competition for the best. With a great no. of character skins that you can get after completing missions are so cool. This games provides a smooth 60fps performance mode too if you play on PS4.


God of War Play Station video game

God of War is and always going to be one of the best Play Station games. If you have PS5 it’s update has made it even better than before. This game already looked great at Play Station4 but at PS5 with 4Kresolution at 2160p it’s going to be more awesome. Also , you can play this game online as well as offline.

God of War has interesting and heartfelt story line and is an open world game giving characters a depth story and more area to discover. This game is a bit slow in pace but you will love playing this game. 95% of the users who played this game have loved the story line , the graphics and the craziness this game provide.

The cost of this game at PS4 is RS.999 and Sony is proving it free to PS5 owners currently. So, go and check this game out and it’s a promise you will not get disappoint.


Uncharted: Legacy of thieves collection Play Station video game

Price- RS.1959/- only

Uncharted : Legacy of Thieves Collection is a remastered for PS5 after the great response from the public of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

This game consists of three modes that are Fidelity Mode, Performance Mode and Performance+ Mode. Which mean that you can run this game smoothly at 4K 30fps , which goes up to 60fps and 120fpc in modes respectively. Loading speed is lot faster and supports PS5 Dual Sense controller.

This game has received amazing reviews from its critics which forced us to put this game in our list. Unfortunately, This game is only available at PS5.


Resident Evil Village Play Station video game

The cost of Resident Evil Village in India for PS5 and PS4 is RS. 3,999 for the Standard Edition, RS. 4,799 for the Deluxe Edition, and RS. 5,699 for the Complete Bundle.

If you are a horror game fan then this game is definitely for you .

Resident Evil Village is the new sequel of the previously success full Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil 7 revived the survival of horror in this series , this edition will build the experience that draws all the attention and make the best game in this series.

This game continues from the events of Resident Evil 7. So, we recommend that you should try Resident Evil 7 too. It follows Resident Evil 7 taking place a few years later.

Resident Evil Village focus more on action gameplay compared to its older sequels and its horror elements are out of this world . The utilization of audio is brilliant. The sound effects gives you goosebumps and has a well paced story line that makes you play this game more and more. This  game is having memorable characters with a great review from the players of 4/5 which clearly make this game to be tried once.


Hitman 3 PS video game

Price- RS. 2800/- only

Hitman 3 is a sequel of its predecessors . It is a conclusion to its series . This game has brilliant leads and twists and gives a nail biting experience.

This is a shooting assassination game where your targets hasn’t changed much. In addition you have got new locations like Dubai, China and Argentina. Furthermore, with the amazing gameplay and storyline, Hitman 3 deserved to be in this list of top 5 video games.

This game looks fantastic on next gen console and gives an awesome gameplay on all PS versions and it is a must owned PS game.

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