Best Photographers in Bir Billing

Best Photographers in Bir Billing – We have added the top 3 photographers. Bir Billing photographers have excelled in many categories of photography: wildlife, wedding photography,pre-wedding shoots, documentaries, paragliding photography, and more. Many people with a passion for photography quit their high-paying jobs and pursue careers in photography. Photography is a soul-satisfying and respectful job.

Best Photographer in Bir Billing

According to all photographers, capturing the images of traditional culture and collecting their traditional photos. They explore a lot more than just a paraglider photoshoot. And they are very humble in nature of dealing feel free for and kind. They are the best photographers in bir billing. They have hard work for their passion. There are so many best paragliding spots in Himachal Pradesh. You can have a look and select the best spots in Himachal Pradesh.

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Top 3 Best Photographers in Bir Billing

1.     Ram Krishan-Himachal Pradesh

Best Photographers in Bir Billing

Ram Krishan is the best photographer in Bir billing. And Ram Krishan followed his passion for photography since 2016. He is a prominent photographer and has worked on paragliding photoshoots and a couple of photos through his photography. And he currently lives in Bir billing and works as a paragliding photographer. He is currently running a photography business in bir billing. He explores more Tibetan monasteries and natural beauty around te bir billing.

Ram Krishan is one of the best-known and most passionate about bird and bird photography. His feed will give you mesmerized and an up-close crisp look at the life of birds. And his work features intimate portraits of all the creatures big and small with a thoughtful caption giving you an inside look into the photography world. His hard work and passion made him one of the top photographers in Bir billing. His photography works are best in bir billing photos. You can learn photography lessons from him.

He enjoys taking wildlife photos of birds and animals in jungles knowing his style as a photographer and having a reliable editing workflow to create a cohesive set of images to tell a story. He keeps reinventing his style of photography since he doesn’t want to be tagged as a specific photographer. He doesn’t like people posing for his picture, instead asks them to live and feel them. Ram Krishan for his photography best price. His billing system is very easy for example you can pay offline payment and also online payment.

You can contact us – Mobile No –9878116667

2.     Munish Thakur-Himachal Pradesh

Munish Kumar is the best photographer in Bir billing. He is quite popular for his paragliding photoshoots. Munish Kumar has worked in paragliding photography for the past 5 years. Through his photography, he focused on the lives of ordinary people in billing. As a photographer best photographer in Bir billing captured random clicks of paragliding photos through his photography.Paragliding joy ride photography, solo paragliding photography.

Best Photographers in Bir Billing

Bir billing is another type of photography, and videography all services are available here. Our job is very hardworking. paragliding ride in Bir takes 15 to 20 minutes and the charge for a paragliding ride is 3000 including taxi rent and videography, pickup, drooping, and transportation but paragliding photos have extra charges of 300 per person of about 15 to 20 photos.

You can contact us – Phone no – 8219109715

3.     Sunil Kumar-Himachal Pradesh

Best Photographers in Bir Billing

Sunil Kumar is the best photographer in Bir billing. He became through his paragliding photoshoots. and one of the most famous photographers by many Indian tourists. He first learned photography in Manali. He used to click gliding photos. And he worked in Manali for 5 years. He is one of the most talented photographers in Bir billing. Sunil Kumar has worked in paragliding photography for the past 10 years. Sunil Kumar was born in a small village in Bir billing. He doesn’t like people for his posing pictures.

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