Best perfume for men: These days fragrance is very important for men. It’s like a accessories for men like people judge them with their fragrance. With so many brands in the market it’s difficult to choose a particular brand.

We’ve done research, sample and rate the best fragrances for men, considering factors like fragrance of the perfume, longevity and versatility. In Indian market there are so many luxurious brands and cheap brands too. But most of the people go for the cheap brand instead of buying luxurious brand because of their wages.

 Some people cannot afford luxurious brands like dior sauvage, bleu de chanel, Gucci, and ck etc. There are some brands which   smells like luxurious brand and normal people can afford them too.

Here are some of the best fragrance for men:

7 best perfume for men

1. Villain perfume for men

villain perfume for men

The fresh fragrance by villain, which has made with wood and spice, lasts foe long time and prevents body odor.

This perfume is so powerful that you don’t need to apply is again and again. It comes with a green flavor and a hint of bitterness and this perfume will enhance your personality.


  •  The price of this perfume is Reasonable according to it’s quality.
  •  It is Ideal for daily use.
  • The perfume has nice earthy fragrance.


  • It come with Low quantity.

2. Beardo godfather perfume for men

beardo godfather perfume

Beardo perfume has completely different fragrance from ordinary scents. The fragrance of this perfume will make you feel like you are experiencing something different.

 It has a seductive and commanding attraction fragrance and it is a wonderful blend of mint and lemon. It has a different flavor profile of citrus and spice.


  • It has Concentrated fragrance that will make your fragrance last longer.
  •  It comes with Affordable price.
  • The Fragrance last longer whole days.


  • It come with Limited range.

3.The man company black perfume for men

the man company black

This black perfume suits all skin types and ideal for everyday use because of its flair and exclusive fragrance and use of purely natural ingredients.

 Lavender and geranium make up the middle layer of this perfume with lemon, birch and amber wood make up the top layer of perfume. All of these substance make this perfume refreshing and exclusive.


  • It has 1000+ sprays guaranteed.
  • The fragrance of this perfume is Long-lasting.
  •  It is Ideal for all occasions.


  • design of this perfume can be much better.

4. Bella vita perfume

bella vita perfume

Bella vita perfume is one of the best perfume for men and it is perfect for everyday wear.

The perfume have a refreshing fragrance and it is long lasting with top hints of lemon and sugar delicately energizing  with lavender. This perfume honours your debonair and personality. Allowing you to be true yourself just with the touch of this perfume.


  • It comes with Affordable price range.
  • It has Simple packaging.
  • Its fragrance is Long-lasting.


  •  It is Not travel friendly because of its packaging.

5. Engage Indigo Skies Perfume For Men

engage indigo skies

engage indigo skies perfume is a premium and long-lasting perfume for men which is a fusion of aromatic lavender and rich earthy woody notes with a sparkling diffusion of bergamot & spices that leaves a masuciline nostalgia.

 This perfume is perfect for everyday use, dates and casual meetings. It also can be ideal for gift for friend, husband and boyfriend.


  • This perfume is Good for those people which are allergic to perfume.
  • It is very budget friendly.
  •  It has a Everlasting fragrance.


  • The fragrance is not to strong.

6. Fogg Xtremo Scent – Men’s perfume brand

fogg extemo perfume

There are so many brand in the market and it is difficult to choose one of them, fogg-xtremo scent have so many reasons to choose.

It offers more than 900 sparys and this perfume has a very rich aromatic fragrance and luxurious packaging. Before using this perfume you must shake well the perfume to ensure that the all contents are mixed.

This perfume will give you best fragrance and its long lasting fragrance will make you more attracted towards this perfume.


  • It is a Wallet-friendly perfume.
  • It is also Resistant to water.
  • This perfume last longer than ordinary perfume.


  • Padding is not included in this perfume.

 7. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume

wild stone men's perfume

 Wild stone ultra sensual perfume is a premium perfume for men. It’s long-lasting and refreshing fragrance will enhance your personality.

The freshness of mint and aromatic notes of patchouli creates an unique fragrance that can’t go unnoticed.

The minty top note make it a everyday perfume and it can be use for the parties to influence and attract people. This perfume will leave a impact on everyone.


  • The mild fragrance will keep you fresh.
  • After using this perfume you will feel Active.
  • Ideal for formal and informal parties.


  • The bottle of this perfume delicate.

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