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Now, The Music Video Director plays a significant role in Punjabi Music Industry. Because every singer releases his song with an official Video. Moreover, it becomes substantial to recognize these essential parts of the Industry. We never forget that one of the most essential components for entertainment and happiness is only Music. It has the power to make you cry, laugh, dance, or have different emotions with different types of Music Videos. Punjabi Music is also one of the most growing music industries in India. It is lucky enough to be blessed with some of the Best Music Video Directors in this Country. So, let’s talk about one of the Best Music Video Directors in the Punjabi Industry.

Directors chair and mike.

Best Music Video Director: Sarpreet Mann & Harry Singh


In the vibrant and ever-evolving world of the Punjabi Music Industry. The two young friends have emerged as rising stars, which is making their mark as video directors. Moreover, with a passion for visual storytelling and an innate talent for capturing emotions through their lens. Such as these budding directors are bringing a fresh perspective to the Punjabi Music Industry. Let’s delve into the inspiring journey of these two friends. They navigate their way through the competitive world of Punjabi Music Videos in the Punjabi Industry.

First Step into the Best Music Video Direction:

The directors on the set.

Sarpreet Mann and Harry Singh are the Best Music Video Directors. They started by assisting established directors, soaking in their knowledge and gaining practical experience. Initially, they both worked under a very renowned Punjabi Music Video Director Bhindder Burj. Which has a very great and long experienced director. Sarpreet and Harry both are working long hours and facing numerous challenges. But, their determination and perseverance never wavered. After a year, they established their own company by name of ‘Fox Films’. The duo gets along with each other remarkably as Sarpreet is known best for his connection-making skills and Harry Singh for his creative and visual knowledge.

Collaborations with Best Music Artists:

Directors after a Video Shoot with Artists.

In a relatively short span, Sarpreet and Harry have had the opportunity to collaborate with several Punjabi Artists. Their inherent ability to understand the artist’s vision and translate it into a visual narrative. It has assembled praise and recognition within the Punjabi Industry. They have worked with famous Punjabi Singers. It has successfully Directed Punjabi Music Videos for chart-topping songs. Which have amassed millions of views, propelling them further into the limelight. Over the year, they are directing these songs such as Aftermath by Sabi Bhinder, Deadlock by Sukhpal Channi, Black Night by Nawab, Young Pround by Satkar Sandhu, and many more pieces which they have done.

They constantly experiment with new techniques or ideas. Incorporating unique elements into their music videos, and finding novel ways to captivate the audience. This fearless approach has gained them a dedicated following of fans. Who eagerly awaits their subsequent video releases? Because, their videos often combine stunning cinematography, well-thought-out locations, and seamless editing to create a sensory experience that complements the essence of the Punjabi Songs.


Sarpreet Singh and Harry Singh’s story is a testament to the power of friendship and friendship become to the Best Music Video Directors. They have perseverance and creative vision with their innate talent and unwavering dedication. They have set themselves on a trajectory toward success. As well as they continue to shape the Punjabi Music Industry with their storytelling process. We eagerly anticipate the captivating tales, for they have yet to unfold on the silver screen. Lastly, the bright future for these two friends turned Best Music Video Directors. Their journey inspires many aspiring filmmakers or directors in the Industry.

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