Top 4 Best Mosquito Net for Bed Under 1000

There are many ways available on the internet these days to save yourself from mosquitoes. But Mosquito Net is one of the best methods which is mostly used in India and also used for newborn babies. If you are looking for Best Mosquito Net for your good sleep then our team will help you to find the Best Mosquito Net for Bed at affordable prices. This article gives you brief details about the Mosquito Nets. You can buy these Nets from Amazon easily.

List of Top 4 Mosquito Net for Bed

  • Sagibo Blue Mosquito Net
  • Sterling Mosquito Net
  • Classic Mosquito Net Polyster Hanging
  • Pixum Poly Cotton Mosquito Net

1. Sagibo Blue Net

The first net which is top in our list is Sagibo Blue Mosquito Net. It is used for king-size beds that mean it covers a large size area. This product comes with super quality. The reviews about this product is good since its launch.

sagibo mosquito net - mosquito net for bed
Weight1 kg 290 g
item Dimensions6*4*2 CM


  • Easily Washable
  • Long Lasting superior quality
  • Easy to fold and Easy to carry.
  • Pops up in an Instant and it Can be folded easily.

2. Sterling Mosquito Net

The second on our list is Sterling Mosquito Net. It is also made up of polyester fabric and restricts the mosquitos from entering the net. This Mosquito net looks attractive because of its different design.

sterling mosquito net - mosquito net for bed
Weight500 g
Item Dimensions30*20*10 CM


  • Light-weighted
  • Super material quality
  • Easy to wash and fold
  • Stylish designing
  • Include extra stickers for damage protection

3. Classic Mosquito Net

This is the third mosquito net on our list. This product is included in the list of best sellers on Amazon. It comes with a fantastic design. It is available in two sizes king size and queen size.

classic mosquito net - best mosquito net for bed
BrandClassic Mosquito Net
Weight1.30 kg
Item Dimensions200*200*145 CM


  • Easily Washable
  • Easily foldable
  • Include Storage Bag
  • Available in King Size and Queen Size
  • Self-Supporting, (No Requirement to nail the wall)

4. Pixum Polycotton Net

The fourth is Pixum Mosquito Net. This is the cheapest mosquito net as compared to other nets. Polycotton Material is used in this net. The weight of this product is just 250 g which is easy to carry.

pixum mosquito net - mosquito net for bed
Weight250 g
Item Dimensions6.5 * 1.98 * 1.52 CM


  • Easy to Fold
  • Easyily Washable
  • Fine Quality
  • Good Zipper Quality

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