Best Food Containers Set in India – As we work on our kitchen the things which we use are not assembled, for  this we need some utensil and containers which helps in keeping things in a systematic order. For this we had made a list of similar thing which are durable and cost effective.

These containers will make your kitchen look attractive and help in assembling things. The containers which we have mentioned here are very economical and ranges from 350 to 4000 according to their use.

This is how I can help you in choosing a containers which is best for you

1.PlasticLightweight, affordable,  unbreakableDifficult to cleaning, might contain toxins
2.GlassSafe to use ,easy to clean, looking goodBreakable ,heavy
3.Stainless steelLong lasting life, safeHigher cost, heavy
4.SiliconAffordable, lightweightHard to clean, keeps air out

List of the 10 best food containers set in India

Tex –Ro airtight containers .
Star work transparent jars.
Cutting EDGE kitchen storage set.
Youbee airtight storage containers.
Solimo checkered airtight jars.
Milton vitro plastic containers set.
Princeware twister plastic pet storage jars.
Machak easy flow kitchen storage set.
ebun stainless steel kitchen containers.
TREO glass storage glass

TEX-RO airtight containers

TAX-RO airtight containers best food container set

Storage units called airtight containers are made to keep its contents tightly sealed, limiting the entry or exit of air and moisture.

These containers are frequently used to keep foodstuffs and other objects that need to be protected from the weather.


  • Material- plastic, glass
  • No. of pieces- 8
  • Colour-  black
  • Capacity- 1000 ml each
  • Some other features- also available in set of 4,6,8, two side locking lids

Star work transparent jars

star work transparent jars food container set

The term “star work transparent jars” appears to refer to transparent jars used for a variety of uses, such as storage, organizing, or display, based on the nomenclature.

Typically composed of clear 1materials like glass or transparent plastic, transparent jars enable consumers to see the contents without opening the container. These jars are popular for both functional and ornamental uses since they can be useful and aesthetically beautiful.


  • Material-  glass
  • No. of pieces- 8
  • Colour- 
  • Capacity 1000ml each
  • Some other features –attractive look non-toxic jars

Cutting EDGE kitchen storage set.

cutting EDGE kitchen storage set

Cutting EDGE  kitchen is an affordable brand .They frequently come with a variety of jars, canisters, and containers that are great for keeping dry goods, grains, spices, and other cooking items fresh and accessible. A kitchen storage set could have several features, such as the following:


  • Material- plastic
  • No. of pieces-12
  • Colour-
  • Capacity- 500 ml 1200 ml 1500 ml
  • Some other features- easy to store ,stackable

Youbee airtight storage containers

youbee airtight storage container

Youbee airtight containers 100% used for food grade material and high standard quality .this one the best food container set for your kitchen this type of containers best for goods grins and spices.


  • Material- plastic
  • No. of pieces-10
  • Colour- gray
  •  Capacity-800 ml each
  •  Some other features- easy to hold, exciting colours

Solimo checkered airtight jars

solimo checkred airtight container best food containers set

The name’s “checkered” component most likely relates to a jar’s beautiful pattern. Your kitchen storage could benefit from this design element.

solimo airtight jars lid is securely closed, these jars are made to form a tight seal, keeping the contents dry and free from moisture, bugs, and odors.


  • Material-Plastic
  • No. of pieces-15
  • Colour- blue
  • Capacity-200 ml 800 ml 1000ml
  • Some other features- pocket friendly, durable

Milton vitro plastic containers set

milton vitro plastic container

Milton vitro plastic containers set as it might not have been a well- known product or brand at that time.

For preserving leftovers, preparing meals, and organizing dry food products, plastic container sets are a common kitchen storage option. The following characteristics are typical of items like the “Milton vitro plastic containers set” or comparable ones:


  • Material- plastic
  • No. of pieces-12
  • Colour- dark blue,other colour also available
  • Capacity – 800ml
  • Some other features- easy to handle,2 sizes available.

Princeware twister plastic pet storage jars.

princeware twister plastic container best food containers set

Princeware is a well-known Indian company that provides a variety of plastic home goods, including kitchen storage options. One of the items from their collection of storage jars is “Princeware twister plastic pet storage jars.

” The abbreviation PET refers to Polyethylene Terephthalate, a type of plastic frequently used for food and beverage containers due to its safety and recyclable nature.


  • Material-plastic
  • No. of pieces-3
  • Colour- blue
  • Capacity-5 Lt
  • Some other features – cost effective,durable

Machak easy flow kitchen storage set.

machak eady flow storage jars

It promise a unique and personalized shopping experience by offering quality products with timeless designs.

The machak easy flow kitchen storage set is the one of the best material for your food storage containers


  • Material-plastic
  • No. of pieces-6
  • Colour – white
  • Capacity-200 ml each
  • Some other features- looking good,lightweight

ebun stainless steel kitchen containers

ebun stainless steel kitchen container

stainless steel kitchen containers are popular for their durability ,safety ,versatility. Here are some common features you might find in ebun  stainless  steel kitchen containers or similar  prouduct.


  • Material- steel
  • No . of piece –4
  • Colour- silver
  • Capacity-800 ml each
  • Some other features- stainless,harmless

TERO glass storage glass

tero glass storage glass best food containers set

TERO is brand known for its glassware products, including glass storage containers TERO glass storage glass likely refers to a specific line or series of glass storage containers offered by the brand. TERO glass is the best food container for your kitchen show and shines .


  • Material- glass
  • No. of pieces – 4
  • Colour – white
  • Some other features- good looks,durable

Conclusion of best food containers set in India

The ideal food containers will differ depending on individual needs and preferences. However, while choosing food containers, some important things to consider include material, airtight and leak-proof construction, size diversity, microwave and freezer compatibility, simplicity of cleaning, stackability, and overall longevity.

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