Best face wash for Acne Cure , Acne is the biggest skin problem which is caused when hair under skin get clogged or plugged  with the excessive use of the creams, face washes ,facial  cleanser or many other useless cosmetics products.The skin which has acne is due to the loss of sebaceous gland in the skin because it helps to produce sebum in the healthy skin which protects the skin from acne build outs or breakouts of the Skin.

Importance of Sebum to cure the acne in the skin

Sebum is plays very crucial role in the skin which clears the pores of skin which open in the follicide. Furthermore,there is another term called keratinocytes which helps the sebum clear the pore and provide, rise surface to the skin.

Many dermatologist and health care provider find out the three main causes of the acne development in the skin.

  • Excess growth of bacteria in the skin pore.
  • Collectively gather of the dead skin cell on the skin texture
  • More production of the oil pigments on the skin

Factors which contributes to acne production Or the breakouts of the skin called acne .

  1. Age- Many young teens are getting the acne plus people of all ages get acne .Age is the main factor for the production of acne.
  2. Hormones- Hormones is the other factor for acne build up. If there is increase in androgens which are the male sex hormones and cause Acne. In addition to it, , In girls when the teen girls get periods the sebaceous glands get enlarged and form more sebum, Moreover during pregnancy many women get acne.
  3. Medicine – Some medications are very prone to acne and form Acne , Medications related to hormone , lithium .

Let’s read the article further to know the best face wash for acne cure.

We have researched and studied tones of articles and books find out the best 5 face wash for the acne cure, Moreover, we have narrow down the list according to their ratings and Specifications which will help the skin to cure the acne problem. We will follow top to down approach for the list of the best face wash for acne cure.

best facewash for acne cure

Top 5 best face wash to cure the acne problem of the skin

1.CeraVe Hydrating cleanser

CeraVe Hydrating cleanser

CeraVe hydrating cleanser is on the top list to cure the acne problem, CeraVe is the well – known and most renowned brand of face wash tested by the dermatologist for the acne. According to our research and test performed on various skin tones we found that Cerave is the perfect solution for the acne prone skin types.

It gives very effective results to remove dirt, oil and layers of the makeup by removing all the impurities of the skin. In addition, this face wash It is available in the market and affordable, No harsh chemicals are added. Furthermore, suitable for all skin tones plus maintains the PH level of the skin.

Positives of cerVe

This face wash is a gentle cleanser with consistent results. You can apply this Hydrating cleanser for daily use for acne cure.

CeraVe is formulated with cermidies which assist the skin to lock the moisture in the skin and keep it hydrated and prevent skin breakouts.

Maintain PH level of the skin

Suitable for all skin types oily, dry skin & Acne prone skin.

Product Specifications-

MVE technology helps the skin to be hydrated for 48 hours.

Scent -Unscented

Size – 12 0z

Dermatologist recommended Brand

Ratings –

Amazon Rating 5/5, Nyka Rating 5/5 s, FlipKart Ratings – 5/5

2. Aveeno ultra calming cleanser

Aveeno ultra calming cleanser

Aveeno ultra calming cleanser is best for the sensitive skin with stubborn acne. The face wash is formulated with natural ingredients chamomile. Chamomile is the natural liquid named as feverfew it’s a herb which protect the skin from irritation and redness. This gentle face wash helps the skin to reduce the redness and helps the skin to cure the acne prone skin. Aveeno is very useful to remove the dirt, oil from the skin without rashing skin.


Suitable for sensitive skin and helps the skin from acne.

Special natural ingredient is used in this face wash named as feverfew its natural herb very useful for acne cure.

Perfect solution for acne prone skin.

Product specification-

Scent – Unscented

Texture – cream

Size – 12 oz

Ratings –

Amazon Rating – 5 /4.7, Nyka Ratings – 5/4.6   FlipKart Ratings – 5/5

3. Neutrogena oil free Acne face wash

Neutrogena oil free Acne face wash

Market is flooded with acne fighting products with best positive results here presented Neutrogena it is a salicylic acid Cleanser which is really effective solution to reduce the dead skin cells and also helps to control the excess oil on the skin.

Additionally, Neutrogena helps to unclog the pores after that it also helps the skin to dissolve the dead skin cells, clear out the impure skin and improves the breakouts. I think this face wash is the best face wash for acne cure.

Positives –       

1. Budget friendly

2. Dermatologist tested product  

3. Skin type – Acne prone, Oily skin

4. Type – Gel

Product Specification –

Product type – Face wash

Benefits – Non-Greasy, Control Excess oil, Anti –Acne

Skin types – Acne – oily skin, skin impurities

Ingredients –salicylic Acid

Doctors Recommended brand to cure the acne.

Ratings –

Amazon Rating – 5 /4.4, Purplle Ratings – 5/4.6   FlipKart Ratings – 5/4.3

4. Dermafique acne cure cleansing foaming face wash

Dermafique acne cure cleansing foaming face wash

Dermafiques is best for acne prone skin and very effective face wash for acne problems.Furthermore, This facial cleanser fight against acne removes all the dirt also removes the bacteria which causes acne breakouts.It contains 2% of salicylic acid which helps the skin to fight against the acne issues on the skin tone. This facial cleanser is suitable for both male and female.

More Importantly, This product suits to dry and oily plus best solution to acne problem. It provides the proper nourishment to the skin. Moreover, your skin gives smooth and glowing effects on the skin. It is free from paraben , Sulphate and alcohol free. Best product is excellent for acne prone skin.

Positives –

1. Suitable for oily , dry and acne prone skin.

2. Pocket friendly

3. Male and female uses this product suitable for genders

4. Oil free, sulphate free, Paraben free Soap free and Alcohol free

5. Dermatologist trusted Indian brand for acne problems

Product details –

Type of skin – acne prone skin

Scent – unscented no special fragrance added

Age range – 18 and above.

Brand name – Dermafique

Specialty of this face wash – free from all artificial made liquids, sulpahte , paraben , soap etc.

Price – Now at RS 200 Original price was RS 300

Ratings –

Amazon Rating – 5 /5, Ratings – 5/4.5   FlipKart Ratings – 5/4.3

Conclusion –

As in the article, We Sorted 4 best face wash for acne cure. In addition to it , the research has been done on all these acne cures face wash it also shows the best results as an output for many users of these products. It acts as a miracle to the users. All these face wash products are chemical free products. Lastly, these all face washes. Accordingly , which help the skin to remove dirt, oil and reduce the acne problem. If you want your faces to shine like a star apply the best face wash according to your skin tone and feel the differences in few months. We got the products with best customer review and testimonials. Buy it today for your acne problem.

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