Best face serum for dry Skin

Best face serum for dry skin, Serum plays very important role for the skin care routine. It helps the skin problems like acne, wrinkles, dryness and oily skin types. Serum is very useful skin care products for the skin tones, fines lines lack of hydration on the skin pores. It is very important to choose the best Serum according to your face skin textures which will help your face skin to shine and glow and helps in the hydration to the face skin.

Best face serum for dry Skin

What is face Serum and why it is important for our dry face skin?

Serum is very lightweight product for the face skin. It contains the active ingredients like Vitamin C , Hyaluronic and Glycolic acid. Which helps the skin tone to be brighter and also provides the proper nourishment to the dry face skin tone? The serum are equally crucial as the moisturizers for the face skin , Serum helps the face to absorb the ingredients like Hyaluronic and Glycolic into the skin deeply and shows the effective natural look to the face .  Serum comes in the numbers forms like gels , oils , Creams even some are diluted watery serums .

How to use serum correctly??

Some people are very confused in the serum and moisturizer differences they feel that serum and moisturizer are the same product with different name tag But it is totally wrong information transferred to them. We have covered some questions and have taken the help from our face skin expert who helped us to solve this confusion.

What is the difference in the serum and moisturizers?

Serum is a lightweight skin care products which concentrates the ingredients like hyaluronic and glycolic acids antioxidants vitamin C which penetrates into Skin deeply and effective helps the face skin tone to glow and shine more. On the other hand, Moisturizers are the thinker cream like substance which helps the skin to be more hydrated by locking the moistures in the skin.

When & what is the right time to use serum??

According to the face skin experts Research says it is effective to use the serum twice a day in the morning and in the evening times. Firstly, apply the toner on the face skin after cleaning the face  , After that apply the serum on the face so that your face skin can absorb  the serum properly and then apply moistures to keep your face skin hydrated and smooth.

How to apply serum effectively?

To get the effective results of the serum on the face skin. Firstly tonner on the face skin and give some time to dry up the tonners. After that apply two drops of the serum effectively on the face skin and gently massage the face skin with fingertips all over skin again giving some time to dry up the serum on the face skin and then apply the moistures to keep your skin hydrated. Now you can apply any skin care products on your face skin to get the best results.

Where you can apply serum??

Face serums are applied on all over the face and on the neck because these areas need more moisture but if you are focusing on the eye or lash serum you should use it for eye lash area for the moistures.

Benefits of face serum for any skin type.

This Amazing Face serum helps the skin to glow and shine.

Face serum supports the Anti ageing with its active ingredients antioxidants like Vitamin C , Glycolic  acid .

This Serum for face helps to improve the skin texture and also helps the skin look brighter.

Face serum is made up of lightweight substance which quickly penetrates into the skin and gives the richer look to the skin texture.

Face serum also helps the face skin to be more hydrated.

Choose the face serum accordingly to your skin texture.

You should always keep into the consideration factors before buying face serums for your skin type. 

  1. Skin texture
  2. Suitable ingredients which suits to your skin tone
  3. Skin concerns like hydration, brightening & anti ageing.
  4. Thinner formulation – Very lightweight liquid, easily absorb by the face skin.
  5. Dermatologist tested serum.

Top pro picks for the best face serum for dry skin.

Cera Ve Retinol Face serum

Cera Ve Retinol Face serum

Cera Ve face serum is very effective serum for dry skin types. It helps the face skin to be more moisturized and refines the pores. It consists of antioxidant which helps the skin to be more nourished plus it is paraben free, soap free fragrance free. Moreover, it is a dermatologist recommended serum tested in the cosmetology laboratory. This serum is the perfect solution for the dry skin types. Cera ve Serum is known for its top quality liquid composition which flawlessly penetrates into the skin.


Original Price –RS 1200 with 50% off on the sell price

Skin type – dry skin types

Scent – Unscented

Brand – Cera Ve

Form – Cream, Gel

Weight – 45 Grams

User’s testimonials –

Best brand with best solution for my dry skin issues. I started using it and I feel the change in my skin texture. My skin dryness went away because I am using this serum daily for my skin dryness. Even I have given the reviews for this product as it effectively works on my face skin dryness. I am recommending this to the User’s who faces dryness.

Minimalist Niacinamide serum for face skin

Minimalist Niacinamide serum for face skin

This serum acts a miracle for the acne prone skin types. This serum contains Vitamin B3 and Matmarine. Niacinamide helps in the reduction of the serum level in the skin and you can use it for the daily use serum. It helps the skin to reduce the scars caused by the acne gives the clearer looking skin and brighten the skin texture. Use this serum twice daily to feel the real difference in your skin tone. It is top rated Serum for acne prone and glowing skin.

Specification –

Original price- RS 600 with 50% on discounted price

Brand – Minimalist

Active Ingredients – Matmarine , Vitamin B3 , Niacinamide

Form – Drop

Dermatologist tested

Scent – unscented

User’s testimonials –

I have dealing with the stubborn acne prone skin. To combat with acne skin I have used many face skin care products but not a signal product helped me to improve my acne prone skin conditions. After all I have tried I find out Minimalist face serum for my acne prone skin and it act as a miracle to y skin. Now It has been three continuous years I am applying the Minimalist serum for my acne prone skin. It also boosts up my confidence level and everybody compliments for my fair and healthy skin.

Conclusion –

As you all know that market is flooded with skin care products like face wash, Moisturizers, serum etc. So, it is very important to choose the best serum for your face which suits to your skin textures. Always read the active ingredients in the serum concentration which act as a barrier for dry skin, anti-aging and brightening ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Hyaluronic acid. Selection of the skin care products is very careful process which helps your skin to look richer and smoother.

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