The Top 7 Best Dog Hair Trimmer in India (August 2021)

Getting a Best Dog Hair Trimmer must be your priority if you think about taking charge of your dog’s  grooming. Trimmer are the must have tool that every owner ought to buy. For people who are new to pet grooming, having the Best Dog Hair Trimmer can be challenging. Keeping in mind and needs of the customer in the market, we have come up with the Best Dog Hair Trimmer available in Indian market.

best dog hair trimmer in India
   Best Brands      Ratings Sites for Buy
Petology automatic pet hair trimmer4.4/5Amazon
Wahl KM54.1/5Amazon
PetsUp rechargeable3.9/5Amazon
Wahl CDM4.2/5Amazon
Wahl Pet rechargeable3.9/5Amazon
Foodies Puppies codos4.1/5Amazon

How do I choose best Dog Hair Trimmer ?               

There are certain factors that determined the selection of dog trimmers, dog hair cutter,Dog hair cut machine and even trimmer for pets as well. As a good dog owner, getting a good hair trimmers for dog you can do to improve their well being, grooming your dog.

Grooming of dogs can also look good and feel comfortable like anyone

Dog’s Hair Type

Another important aspect to be consider is the dog’s hair type. The thickness of the dog’s hair, Texture and the length of the coat.

For the knowledge of dog owner a fine hair dog and short dog will need a different level of trimmer when compared to the one has a longer coat.

Pet’s Temperament                                  

Another important aspect to consider is the pet’s temperament. Being a dog owner this is the most difficult one because u understand how mostly dogs do not enjoy grooming.

They become restless and cannot stand still for a while, which makes it all difficult for you.


You will also make sure that you are buying from a reputed brand. Make sure trimmer for dogs get their job done and lasts long

Can we use Dog hair trimmer on humans?

No, we should not use dog trimmers on humans because it increases the risk of injury.

Although it almost looks like same dog trimmers are more powerful , sharper and have several blades that are used for better and efficient performance.

Type of Best Dog Hair Trimmer in India:

1. Petology automatic Rechargeable Pet Hair trimmer

         This petology automatic rechargeable is the best dog hair trimmer with sharp and durable blades made up with good quality of ceramic and titanium.

petology automatic hair trimmer

It is user friendly pet trimmer with adjustable blades and detachable combs with low noise motor.

This trimmer comes with an LED screen which shows the percentage of battery, speed of trimmer and also the time left to clean the blade.  This dog hair trimmer is known for its durability and capability to give you the best experience


  • Charging time  for 2.5 hr usage upto 120 minutes
  • Cordless trimmer
  • Noise: 60db
  • Accessory includes:trimmer,4 guide comb, charging cable, cleaning brush, blade protector
  • Budget under 2000.

2. Wahl KM5 Professional dog hair trimmer

This dog hair trimmer is very dynamic in nature when it comes to the body design. The cord is lengthy enough to be considerable distance. This is really in light weight and reduced motor power. It is less noisy when it comes to its work.

wahl km5 dog hair trimmer

You get a very attractive range of chic looking colour.

The best thing about this trimmer is that the size of dog hair cutter is very compact.


  • Less noisy
  • Budget friendly
  • We can manage its constant speed control.
  • Its unit weight is 12.9oz
  • No need for charging

3.PetsUp Electric Rechargeable Pet Grooming Shears

This cordless and rechargeable trimmer from Petsup is the highest rating pet trimmer for many reasons. It provides excellent features value for money  that it has.

This is one of the best pet hair trimmer in market. It is user friendly that provide 3-6-9-12mm level limiting combs with the package.

petsup electric rechargeable trimmer

Through these combs we can easily trim our pet hair like we have never done it before.

The cutting blades itself can be adjusted to provide further process in the cut length.

Total sound produced by this pet hair trimmers is just 50 decibels that it means it will not scare your dog.


  • Less noisy
  • 50 decibels sound
  • Powerful motor with 35 watts
  • Charging for 4 hours and sustain up to 60 minutes.
  • Precision motor and low vibration

4. Aysis Professional Automatic Rechargeable Pet Hair Trimmer

This Aysis Professional pet hair trimmer is another a great choice. It targets the budget friendly price segment under 1500 price point. Along with this hair trimmer, you also get the dog nail trimmer as an additional package.

aysis professional dog hair trimmer

It has a high quality titanium blades , comes with ceramic comb and a comfortable anti-slip handle.

Its works effectively on all breed hair like short, long, matted, furry, thick, curly or fine hairs without causing pulls.

Its charging time is 5 hours and used upto 60 to 70 minutes.

There are 4 guide combs provided, which gives a fine control over it.


  • Blade material made up of titanium.
  • Its noise upto 60 decibles.
  • Charging time 5hrs and stand by time upto 60 to 70 minutes.
  • It is cordless Pet hair trimmer.
  •  Weight upto 480 gms.
  • Budget friendly under 1500 price.

5. Wahl CDM Cordless pet clipper

Wahl is one of the most trusted and popular personal grooming brands of dog hair trimmer in India. If u have a pet with matted and dense fur, then I will trust the wahl CDM cordless clipper to get the job done.

wahl CDM Pet clipper

It has a cordless design that is very convenient for use anywhere. Its charging time is upto 3hrs and constantly used upto 210 minutes.

This hair trimmer has 4 adjustable length settings which make it suitable to trim different type of hair length of pet.

 This trimmer has LED light in its base shows when the battery is fully charged or when it is low using red or green light respectively.


  • Blade material made up of ceramic.
  • Charging time is 3 hours and used up to 210 minutes.
  • Cordless trimmer so convenient to use.
  • LED display light
  • Medium noise

6. Wahl  Rechargeable Pet Hair Trimmer

Wahl Dog hair trimmer can be used on small and medium hair dogs. It is very light weight and easy to use.

This Wahl pet trimmer comes with a lot of goodies. It includes 8 different guide combs, cleaning brush, blade, oil and a pair of scissors.

wahl rechargeable pet hair trimmer

This run time of this hair trimmer is around 40 minutes upto full charge.

It is very handy and pocket friendly. With this clipper you can also trim the horse hair.

It’s cordless design can help you to move around when your dog can not stand or sit on a place for a while.


  • Material made up of carbon steel.
  • Medium noisy up to 60 decibels.
  • Charging time up to 3 to 4 hrs.
  •  Budget under 2500 price points.

7.Foodies Puppies Professional codos hair Trimmer/Clipper

While so many other dog hair trimmer available in Indian market this foodies puppies professional trimmer most expensive one.

foodies puppies dog hair trimmer

A full charge of this trimmer is only 2hour and constantly using up to 150 minutes. There is a digital display showing on the base of the trimmer, that gives you precise information of the remaining time.

This trimmer is itself ergonomically designed and easy to use. It is delivering the high end performance along with ensuring that the blade is highly durable at all the times.


  • Material made up to the ceramic steel.
  • Charging time is 2 hour and used up to 150 minutes
  • Battery backup of this battery is also good.
  • Highly durable blades.
  • Double sided guide comb.

Summing Up:

when choosing a professional best dog hair trimmer the price is significant and convenient. don’t forget to make your dog feel comfortable when the pet is new to getting trimmed. overall best trimmer is petsup electric rechargeable dog hair trimmer.

this comes up with ceramic blades and charging time up to 4hours and usage time up to 1 hour. Its cordless feature is very convenient. it has a very low noise that your pet is not getting disturbed too much.

keeping all the factors in mind this petup electric rechargeable trimmer is one product that you can not ignore. It will surely satisfy all your needs.

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