Top 5 Best Dog Bed Brands For Large Dogs In India (2021)

Best Dog Beds in India for large dogs – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Dog Beds for large dogs in India. This bed made with high quality fabric to give your dog comfort and easy to clean.

Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

1. The Big Barker
2. Fluffy’s Luxurious
3.Hiputee Ultra Soft Reversible Fleece
4.slatters be royal store

1. The Big Barker (Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs)

The Big Barker is the most trusted brand for dog beds, these beds comes in different sizes, which provides comfort even to the biggest giant breeds, because big dogs need more than just a normal dog beds.

The Big Barker is an USA based company which guarantees that the bed will retain 90% of its loft over 10-years. The microfiber cover is durable, removable and machine washable. But remember that the cover should be always washed on low temperature.

The Big Barker features a multi-layer core, comprised of support foam, orthopedic foam and a contoured foam bolster. This combination of materials provides exactly the kind of support, comfort, and weight distribution that large dogs deserve. The Big Barker features 7 inches of thick memory and support foam slabs.

The big barker dog beds are clinically proven by the University of Pennsylvania to improve quality of life in big dogs. It basically reduce joint pain and improve mobility in big dogs with arthritis.


• Large — 48 x 30”
Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Boxer and other dogs under 25 inches tall.

• Extra Large — 52 x 36”
Any dog bigger than a Lab but smaller than a Great Dane.

• Giant — 60 x 48”
This massive bed is specifically designed for Great Danes.

New clinical study data finds a Big Barker bed can improve health in just 28 days.

The Big Barker is one of the few beds that comes in sizes large enough for Great Danes and other giant breeds. It also features one of the thickest cores of any dog bed on the market. Most owners rave about its quality, and most dogs seem to love sleeping on these beds.

There are only two downsides to the Big Barker: It is very expensive, and it is not available for small size dogs.

2. Fluffy’s Luxurious Dog Bed | Bolster Dog Bed Fits Metal Dog Crates

• These pet bed sufficient for 22-inch long dog & use pet bed in conjunction with their dog crate to attract your pet to use their crate. It also pet bed for folding metal dog crates & dog houses. Pet bed size is 55.9×40.6×35.6 centimeters, this specific size for 22-inch wire dog.

• Fluffy Luxurious pet bed features ultra-soft synthetic fur & comfortable padded polyester bloster cushion around the perimeter for dogs to lay their head on, thes bed is easy maintenance, 100% machine washable & dryer friendly.

Item Dimensions—LxWxH 55.9 x 40.6 x 35.6 Centimeters

3.Hiputee Ultra Soft Reversible Fleece/Velvet Bed for Dog

Hiputee Ultra Soft Reversible Fleece design provides year-around comfort in any type of weather. This bed made with high quality fabric to give your pets comfortable place to lay and sleep. Dimension of this pet bed is 81x74x19cms.

Our cozy pet beds made with only pet safe materials, you will rest assured knowing our Dog beds are completely non-toxic, it keeps its center pillow and dog bed can be washed when needed.

ColourGrey Black
Item DimensionsLxWxH 81 x 74 x 19 Centimeters

4.slatters be royal store Rectangular Shape Reversible Dual Brown Color Ultra Soft

Slatters be Royal Store pet bed is very comfortable in the all type of weather. Pet beds has ultra soft ethnic velvet bed making sleep surface unbelievably gentle on both noses and paws, providing luxurious snuggles and ultimate nuzzling coziness for pets that love to cuddle up in sleep.

Slatters be Royal Store pet bed is comfortable ultra soft ethnic velvet Bed fill cushion offers superb support underneath your pets body and is particularly soothing for stiff joints. This bed is easy to clean.

BrandSlatters be royal store

5.LovPet HolloFiber Filled Export Quality Orthopedic Mattress Sofa Blue Dog Bed

LovPet beds are made with high quality polyester knitted fabric, fleece mix fabric and hollofiber filler material. This bed is super ultra fluffy & comfy sofa style for better comfort of your pet.

LovPet bed is unique square shape design with side pillow provides maximum comfort in any season & this pet bed is dual side usable so you can use both side of the bed.
LovPet bed is available in 6 attractive colors and 5 sizes S to XXL.

MaterialPolyester, Fleece, Fabric
Item DimensionsLxWxH 55.9 x 83.8 x 15.2 Centimeters


As responsible pet owners ourselves, we sincerely hope that these 5 best dog beds for large dogs in India 2021, we have listed above can satisfy all your dog’s slumbering & cuddling needs. Picked by our much-talented pet experts, they all are healthy, cozy, tough & can surely help serve as your dog’s next top place to nap & cuddle.

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