Best ayurvedic herbs for diabetes

Diabetes is a major killer in modern times. Our sedentary habits and life style have added to the severity of the problem. The insulin producing capacity and quality of insulin becomes hampered in diabetes. Ayurveda mentions diabetes as madhumeha. It is a type of vata Prameha disorder.
The degeneration is the main cause of diabetes according to Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes focuses on removing the cause of Prameha which is done by life style management through diet. These Best ayurvedic herbs for diabetes are using without any side effect.


Here we are listed 5 ayurvedic herbs for diabetes.



It is known to balance blood sugar levels; thanks to its diuretic, anti-diabetic and hypocholesterolaemic properties that make it a rejuvenating herb for diabetics. Kutki is an amazing liver tonic, which not only helps control diabetes, but also cleanses the gut and expels the unwanted contents from the body.



Chirata might help manage diabetes due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps prevent damage to pancreatic cells and enhances the release of insulin. This helps lower the level of blood sugar.



Sadabahar, also known as periwinkle is a medicinal plant found mostly in India. The leaves and flower of this evergreen shrub are known to be quite effective in treating type-2 diabetes.You can chew a few fresh leaves of Sadabahar to manage blood sugar levels naturally. Another way to consume it is by boiling some Sadabahar flower in a cup of water and then drink it every morning on an empty stomach.



Gurmar contains compounds like flavonols and gurmarin, which is effective in managing blood sugar level in a person suffering from diabetes. Gurmar is an ayurvedic herb, used in treating different conditions like allergies, cough, and constipation .Consume one teaspoon of powdered gurmar leaves along with water in the morning, about an hour before having your meal.



Cordifolia , commonly known as Guduchi, is a highly potent herb used in Ayurveda to combat diabetes and keep the function of various organs in harmony. Various Ayurvedic texts and Nighantu (lexicons/Ayurvedic materia medica) have described its anti-diabetic usages .also known as Giloy.


In today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s easy to get carried away with unhealthy habits. The stressful routine can pile up and lead to medical traumas like high blood pressure, cardiac arrests, emotional binge eating (which leads to obesity), and high cholesterol. All these signs come together and lead to diabetes.

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