Top 10 Best Massage Gun in India for Deep Tissue Massage (2021)

Best Massage Gun in India – With the best massage gun in India, you can enjoy deep tissue massage therapy. It improves your performance by reducing muscle soreness after a workout, speeding up recovery, reducing injury, and decreasing muscle soreness. After spending about 75 hours researching various brands, we discovered that Medcursor, WellNEX, and Un-Tech are the best body to body massager machine.

This comprehensive article informs you about the features, technologies, and pricing of each brand. To put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions as well as an explanation of the various massage gun attachments.

We’ve also provided you with guidance on when to use the massage gun, when not to use it, and how to use it properly and safely. Let’s take a look at the table below for the number of massage heads, power consumption, and cost estimate for each product.

Best Massage Gun in India – List of Body Massager at Home

 Product Images

Massage Gun

Battary Capacity/Life

Massagers Reviews

Massager Gun Price

Caresmith Percussion

2500mAh 5 houres

WellNEX Deep Tissue

3400mAh 7 hours

Un-Tech Deep Tissue

2200mAh 4 to 5 houres

4Beauty Vibration

5200mAh 8 hours


2 to 3 hours


3400mAh 4 to 7 hours

Tygatec Ozen

2400mAh 2 hours

Infini Pro

5200mAh 8 hours


2000mAh 4 hours


2200mAh 3 hours

Body Massager Benefits

Benefits of body massager spa? What does it add to the body, and what functions do it perform? The following are the answers to all of these questions: We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should buy the best body to body massage gun in India, as well as its great benefits.

How to use Massager for Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage that is used to treat musculoskeletal problems including strains and sports injuries. It entails applying sustained pressure to the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues with slow, deep strokes. This helps to break up scar tissue that develops after an injury, as well as reducing muscle and tissue tension. It could also lead to a higher blood flow and reducing inflammation.

List of best Massage Gun in India (2021)

Caresmith Percussion Massager Gun

Caresmith Percussion Massager Gun
  • High-torque motor: The high-torque motor can produce up to 3300 strokes per minute. It has a strong charge since it is 12.6V and 24W. At an impressive rate of 55 cycles per second, this massage gun touches and extracts itself from the body.
  • Long-lasting Lithium-ion Battery: This Caresmith massager gun comes with a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, a single charge of this battery pack can last 5 – 6 hours.
  • 6 Interchangeable Heads: This unit comes with 6 flexible heads each of which is designed to target different muscle groups. The vibration machine in this massager offers a deep muscle treatment for your whole body. You can tend to your entire body in a convenient and comfortable manner at any time and in any place.
  • Lightweight: This Caresmith massage gun is super-light, weight just 800 grammes. As a result, carrying and using it is easy.

WellNEX Deep Tissue Massage Gun

WellNEX Deep Tissue Massage Gun
  • Ergonomic and portable: Because of its small size, you can easily hold this massage gun in your hand. Because of its ergonomic nature, you can keep it fully with one hand. Furthermore, it easily blends into your bag, allowing you to take it along with you. As a result, it is a portable option.
  • Auto Shutoff: After 10 minutes of inactivity, this massage gun will shut down on its own.
  • Quiet Glide Technology: This Quiet Glide Technology is to blame for everything. During the massage, this massage pistol is almost quiet. As a result, you won’t have to think about upsetting your mates.
  • Brushless Motor with High Torque: Featuring a powerful brushless motor with high torque, high frequency, and high rpm.
  • Weight: This portable massager is just 0.75 kg in weight (1.65 lbs).
  • Lithium Battery with 3400mAh Size: The high-quality lithium battery has a capacity of 3400mAh. With a full price, it will run for 4 to 7 hours.

Un-Tech Deep Tissue

Un-Tech Deep Tissue
  • Excessively Silent: Even at the most noteworthy speed, this back rub firearm is quite quiet and is simply about 35dB to 50dB. Henceforth, you don’t need to stress over others getting upset or irritated. This is conceivable because of the Unique Quiet Glide Technology.
  • Amazing Motor: This back rub weapon is furnished with an incredible 24V high-force brushless engine that highlights high recurrence and rapid.
  • Superior Battery: The Lithium-particle battery has a limit of 2200 mAh. It goes on for around 4 hours after a full charge. Note that you can’t dismantle the battery without anyone else.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Since it is just 2.5 pounds, you can take it with you everywhere you go. It’s also comfortable and easy to use for self-myofascial release.

4Beauty Vibration

4Beauty Vibration
  • Throbbing Action: The throbbing activity of this back rub weapon gets profound into the muscle, consequently having the option to mitigate your a throbbing painfulness.
    Solid Tissue: Indeed, this back rub weapon is innovatively intended to deliver the regions of tissue that may be stuck or hardened.
  • Percussions each Minute: Depending upon the speed you select, this back rub firearm gives you 500-2400 strokes each moment.
  • Ergonomic Design: The force press button, ergonomic handle, and articulating head are innovatively planned, so you can arrive at all the muscle focuses yourself.
  • Measures Heart Rate and Calorie Consumption: Based on the back rub length and recurrence, it gauges your pulse and ascertains the calories consumed.
  • Expands Range of Motion: It adequately builds your scope of movement and draws in and loosens up your muscles.
  • Measures Body Temperature: It estimates you internal heat level after preparing or exercise.

Sagrach Massage Gun

Sagrach Massage Gun
  • Lightweight and Portable: Since it is cordless and has a flexible build, you can take it with you on business trips or vacations. It comes with a bag (storage case) to keep the whole collection arranged for easy access and storage. This package also has non-slip handle grips.
  • Vibration Frequency: There are three degrees of angular velocity. The first stage is 30Hz, the second is 40Hz, and the third is 53Hz.
  • Applicator Heads/Massage Heads: This massager comes with four interchangeable applicator heads/massage heads, each of which is designed to target a different body part.
  • Multi-Speed Settings: The multi-speed settings allow you to customise your massage comfort by changing the flow rate.
  • New-Generation Noise Reduction Equipment: This technology allows the massage gun to be as quiet as possible.

RENPHO Hand Massage Gun

RENPHO Hand Massage Gun
  • Replaceable back rub heads: With this back rub weapon you get 6 replaceable back rub heads to focus on all the muscle gatherings.
  • Adjustable speed level: The speed level offers you the adaptability to control the power of your back rub. It has three 1500/2200/2800 r/min speed levels.
  • Safe and rational design: Food grade material is used in the construction which is safe to the human body.
  • Less Noise: Because of quiet glide technology it provides you super silent massage experience.
  • Battery: The cordless massager accompanies a 3400mah excellent lithium battery, so it can continue to work for around 4 to 7 hours for every charge.

Tygatec Ozen Active Muscle Recovery Massager Gun

Tygatec Ozen Active Muscle Recovery Massager Gun
  • Design and Build: Tygatec knead firearm is planned ergonomically. All the control highlights are strategically located. It accompanies some significant highlights like 6H solid congruity, overcurrent security, twofold over-release insurance, and temperature unusual assurance.
  • Replaceable back rub heads: With this back rub firearm you get 6 replaceable back rub heads to focus on all the muscle gatherings. You can knead your whole body.
  • Customizable speed level: Tygatech Massage Gun permits you to change rub firearm’s speed on a case by case basis. You can change the speed setting from 1 to 20 up to 3200 rpm.
  • Weight: It just weighs 0.97 kilograms. In this manner, you can utilize it serenely.
  • Cordless: This handheld massager is battery worked.
  • Battery: The handheld massager accompanies a 2400 mAh battery-powered lithium-particle battery. The organization claims 6 hours of battery life. However, you can utilize it for as long as 2 hours constantly. Likewise, it charges completely in around 2 hours.

Infini Pro Best Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

Infini Pro Best Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager
  • Movable speed level: Infini Pro Massage Gun permits you to change rub weapon’s speed on a case by case basis. You can change and apply distinctive pressing factor levels as you need. This back rub firearm additionally 9 force and speed settings going from 1800 to 3500 rpm.
  • Battery: The handheld massager comes with a massive 5200mAh high-quality battery. The company claims 8 hours of battery life after fully charged.
  • Powerful performanc: The high-force brushless engine gives high recurrence and fast.
  • Weigh: It just weighs 1.3 kilograms. Along these lines, you can utilize it easily.
  • Cordless: This handheld massager is battery worked.
  • Battery: He handheld massager accompanies a monstrous 5200mAh great lithium battery. The organization claims 8 hours of battery life after completely energized.

TOYDEGET Therapy Gun Massager

TOYDEGET Therapy Gun Massager
  • 6 Speed Setting: 6 Speeds Choice for you, giving your muscles a profound back rub. It is ideal for muscle recuperation after work out.
  • Excessively Silent: Calm float innovation, Super Silent while kneading; Powerful high-force brushless engine, Featuring High Frequency, High Speed. Pivot Speed 2100-3600 RPM.
  • Safe: Made of food-grade materials, Safe to human body; Intelligent Safety-Protection plan: This massager will naturally control off after 15 min. The handle of the back rub firearm is ergonomic and sweat-verification, non-slip, which is extremely delicate and agreeable.
  • Separable Massage Head: Our back rub weapons are accessible in 4 kinds of back rub heads to addresses the issues of various muscles. The back rub head can be taken out for simple establishment and cleaning.
  • Elite Batteries: Battery-powered lithium-particle battery, Capacity 2000mAh.


  • 6 Speed Settings: 6 Speeds Choice for you, giving your muscles a deep massage. It is ideal for muscle recovery after exercise.
  • High Performance Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Capacity 2200mAh, can last about 3 hours.
  • Super Silent: Quiet glide technology, Super Silent when massaging; Powerful high- torque brushless motor, Featuring High Frequency, High Speed.
  • Safe: Made of food-grade materials, Safe to human body; Intelligent Safety-Protection design: This massager will automatically power off after 15 min. The handle of the massage gun is ergonomic and sweat-proof, non-slip, which is very soft and comfortable.
  • Detachable Massage Head: Our massage guns are available in 4 types of massage heads to meet the needs of different muscles. The massage head can be removed for easy installation and cleaning.
  • HEALTHY LIFE: Massager With 15 minutes Auto Off Function The massage gun can awaken your mind, enliven your soul and leave your body healthier and shapelier than ever. It can also leave your muscles and joints sore, tender and aching.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the Best Massage Gun in India to buy?

  • Best in general powerful back massage gun. Caresmith Percussion Massager Gun
  • Best worth back massage gun. WellNEX Deep Tissue Massage Gun
  • Best tranquil, powerful back massage gun. RENPHO Hand Massage Gun
  • It’s ideal for sore or sensitive muscles. Therapy Gun Massager by TOYDEGET
  • Best multifunctional roles. Massage with a BELIONERA gun

Is it good to use body massager?

Body rub has been found to have various advantages, for example, diminishing muscle solidness, headache migraines and different sorts of body torment. It gives unwinding from regular pressure and makes our body adaptable and alert. Be that as it may, customary hand back rub can be tedious just as exorbitant.

Is a massage gun worth it?

In the event that you experience the ill effects of DOMS or simply broad muscle irritation, a back rub firearm will turn into your new dearest companion. After intense exercises, you may encounter DOMS as long as after 3 days – ouch! In any case, with a powerful and reliable recuperation schedule, you’ll be back in the rec center before you know it, without staggering around in torment.

Are cheap massage guns any good?

The entirety of the less expensive massager weapons tips are a lot harder, with significantly less variety. The gentler a tip is, the less seriously it drives into a particular zone, which is the reason the more modest connections are the harder ones. Notwithstanding, even in direct correlation, the center value Hirix massager gives a completely decent back rub.

Which is better Theragun or Hypervolt Massage Gun in India?

Despite the fact that the Theragun remain’s our top pick, the Hypervolt is a nearby second on account of a couple of key highlights. … While the Theragun tosses amazing punches profound into the tissue while seeming like a force drill, the Hypervolt gives to a greater degree a balanced back rub insight.


When it comes to your skin, particularly your face, “everything goes” should not be your motto; instead, “nothing but the best” should be your mantra. You should be assured that the products mentioned above are of the highest quality and will enhance your facial appearance. This will increase your self-esteem and help you feel better.

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